Little Black Shirt

The big day is almost here-my daughter’s huge and much needed baby shower. She’s having a boy and Emily being a girl isn’t going to help her with hand- me- downs unless he wants to sleep in a Dora toddler bed and have a pink wardrobe to wear.
We still have the last of the items to buy and the damn cute little ducky soaps to make that I didn’t do the last two days. I really thought it (shower) would be easy since I’m actually throwing it with Jessica’s step mom but, I’ve pretty much had to do everything from design the invites to um, you guessed it, making duck soaps. She had asked Jess if it was OK if we did everything since she works late (and has a life I guess unlike me) and then she could just pay half of the costs.
Is labor included in the costs too?
Cause, I would have to say the amount for her half would be $4539.97.
On to my next dilemma:
My wardrobe (with the exception of blue jeans) consists of basically of blacks and browns and the occasional red. I hate to wear any other colors because I feel fat in them. People tell me, how can you feel fat when you only weigh 110 lbs? Well, when you are used to weighing 100, it feels fat. I mainly would like to lose my tummy fat that I kept since my youngest was born. Thank- you so much, Emily.
So, Jessica had a great idea that we (me, her and her step mom) all get these personalized tshirts to wear to the shower. Ours would say HAG (hot ass grandmas) and hers HAM (hot ass mom). This would be fine except she wanted light blue. Arghhhhhhhhhh.

So, on top of having to broadcast that I will be a grandma already, I get to feel fat all day.

All I have to say is, they better like the God Damn Ducks!

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