Is there hope yet??

Our sleep was interrupted last night with a phone call from my daughter at midnight. She had been staying at a friend’s house (which I had advised against since she is in her last month and a half or so to make it easier to get her to hospital if needed) OK, so it turns out I was right about that scenario. She said that she was getting pains in her back and she thought she was dripping water when she went to the bathroom. She actually called the doctor herself before calling me which knowing her you would think that was a big grown up thing for her to do. Acting like a grown up is something I constantly worry about for her since she is in fact, going to be a mom.

Anyway, her worse choice she could’ve picked to be the dad nice boyfriend got a ride to the friend’s house- yes, he doesn’t have a car and lives with friends cause he didn’t pay the bills at his last place, he works odd jobs…. wait, I’m getting off course. Something I tend to do when I bring up that good for nothing nice kid. So, they took her car to the hospital and I said to call me when the doctor looked to see if it’s anything to be concerned about and if I needed to go up there. An hour later, no phone call. I tried her cell phone even though I figured she’d have it off since she was in the hospital. No answer, of course.

After pacing the floor for another ten minutes, I woke up my husband and said I was running up to the hospital. Surely, she was in some serious trouble and couldn’t call because she was sedated and her boyfriend was unconscious from hitting his head on the corner of the hospital bed as a result from the orderly trying to wrestle him to the ground to take his cell phone away from him because he insisted on calling me to let me know what was going on.

I grabbed my keys and stormed out the door and yelled to my husband (who probably was already back to sleep) to not worry about me walking in the dark deserted hospital parking lot by myself at 1:30 in the morning. I don’t think I got a reply on that one.

I finally got to the hospital and safely into the building though there was a very suspicious- looking guy walking by and I just know he was eyeing me. I asked the front desk person where I might find my daughter. “Oh yes, Jessica. I remember her,” she said so proudly. Probably because Jessica had been calling her and keeping her updated on whether she was in labor or not so she could witness the birth and tell all her friends about how she saw a perfect stranger’s birth of her baby.
I thanked her for her help and told her never to keep her mother in suspense. I went up to the 5th floor and looked for a nurse’s station and on the way, two young girls around Jessica’s age (one very pregnant) were walking towards me. To my surprise, the pregnant one looks at me and says, “Is Jessie OK?” I stopped dead in my tracks. How does this girl know that I’m Jessica’s mom when I had no idea who she was? Duh, she probably was just one of her friends I must of met. Sometimes they just all look a like.
“I don’t know,” was my reply.
I figured she was already in pain and didn’t need to hear my bitching about how her guess was as good as mine and she would probably call her before me.

I did almost give her a lecture on how could she make her mom a grandma before her time to be one and her mom probably had a head full of gray hair by now worrying how she was going to be a mom at a young age, but I’m sure she already got that speech.

After finally finding her room, not being to get the darn door open and looking like an ass, I got to make my dramatic entrance.

I stepped in the room to find the boyfriend in a chair and my daughter in the bed hooked up to a monitoring machine. Both had confused expressions on their faces at the site of me being there.

“Why didn’t you call meeeeeee??????” I tried to ask calmly.

I then pretended that my feet were cemented to the floor, therefore, I couldn’t shove them up the boyfriend’s ass.

“I thought you meant to call you if I was in labor,” my daughter replied with a nervous giggle.

Still trying to control myself, I said, “No, that’s not what I meant.”

I seriously am considering changing my daughter’s name to I Thought You Meant. Its pretty much is the first four words out of her mouth all the time.
“So, what did they say?”
I asked and shot a sweet smile to the boyfriend.

“Braxton Hicks.”

“Well, next time call.”

“He wanted to call you.”


“Yeah,” said boyfriend.


Suddenly, I felt a little dizzy and sat down.
The boyfriend did something smart and thoughtful-maybe there’s hope yet.

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