Who let one?

Arghhh!! Anyone who knows me knows that I go out of my way to keep a fantastic smelling house. So, when we got water in our finished basement from all the rain, I knew it was coming. The musty, yucky, icky smell that comes with the water. I can get depressed over strange things and this is one of them. Jesse was so kind to take the day off and shampoo the carpet downstairs. It helped somewhat but I can still smell it, so I’ve been burning candles all day.
At least it’s a beautiful day out so I can open all the windows and hopefully the river banks will start to go down.

As for my children’s day……..
With the summer just barely starting, my older children seem bored already. Most parents are stressed to have their kids home but I love it. Especially now with my daughter out of high school. No more worrying about her actually being there and not getting anymore calls from the principal. I think my blood pressure dropped dramatically and I feel 10 years younger already! Yes, I know, the baby is coming. Don’t rain on my temporary happy parade…

Emily has found a new passion for writing letters, ‘E’ being her favorite of course. I’ll make a writer out of her yet!

Jordon has been good about helping me out except for he’s reminded me 10 times that he needs a hair cut and I promised to take him tomorrow on $2 off day. Maybe, I’ll be mean and forget. I’ll just tell him he should’ve reminded me 11 times.

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