8 Tips to Plan the Most Romantic Honeymoon


The honeymoon is not just about consummating your marriage it is also about taking a much-needed break after hectic wedding preparations. For some couples, it is also a very special occasion and they do everything they can to make it memorable. After all, who doesn’t like to take an exotic trip with their better half?

Even though it sounds so refreshing, it does involve a bit of planning to make your honeymoon hopelessly romantic. So if you want it to be a trip of your lifetime, use the tips below to plan your honeymoon down to the rote!  


  • Plan in Advance


If you still haven’t planned your honeymoon, even when your wedding date is fixed, then you are doing it wrong! The best time to start planning your honeymoon is at least six months in advance. This is especially true if you have something luxurious in mind. Planning and booking ahead will save you tons of money.


  • Divide Responsibilities


This is your honeymoon; hence, you should be in this together. Don’t be the only one to plan it. With the wedding preparations ahead of you, honeymoon planning for just one person can get overwhelming. Rather than doing it alone, get your partner involved and share the load with them. Moreover, if only one person plans the whole thing, then the honeymoon will end up being more about them and less about you! This is the reason it is crucially important to keep honeymoon planning as a joint effort.


  • Build Your Own Itinerary


How easy is it to steal other people’s honeymoon ideas? However, do you really want to live someone else’s perfect honeymoon? While it is ok to take advice from people and get their ideas, it is important to do this your way. You want your honeymoon to be exclusive to you and your partner.


  • Know What You Want


This one is so important! An exotic destination, beaches, adventure are such broad terms. Knowing exactly what you want is the best way to plan. Talk to your fiancé and get their opinion about what they want from your honeymoon. This information will be especially helpful when you are booking with a travel agent.   


  • Don’t Just Research Online


When we are looking for something, we all start with Google. This is ok until you don’t rely on it completely. Sometimes personal reviews of people can be biased that can affect your judgment. It is always advisable to take first-hand information from friends and family about their own experiences. You can also check out social media channels to get the latest pictures of the destination. These efforts together will help you make an informed choice.


  • Take an Expert’s Help


A lot of people falsely believe that using a travel agent will bump up their travel costs exponentially. This cannot be farther from the truth. Travel agents are actually quite helpful when you want to book a fully customized honeymoon trip that you will remember for your lifetime. They are also an excellent source of direct information that can save you a lot of time in research and planning. They are your destination experts with perfect on-ground information. They will not only serve you while you are here but also be your point of contact in case something goes wrong in the middle of your trip.


  • Set A Budget


We often make the mistake of not knowing how much we are willing to spend on our honeymoon. As a result, the costs can get wildly out of control. Sometimes we think we will be able to afford much more than we actually can. Setting a budget aside will help you build a dream honeymoon around realistic expectations.


  • Take Some Time Out


Don’t rush into your honeymoon right after the wedding. Expert honeymoon planners recommend couples to take a breather between the two. This short gap will help you relax and give you a chance to start your trip more upbeat. Can you imagine catching a flight the next morning when you have had one too many the night before on your wedding? These little things can really put a dampener on your spirit and prevent you from enjoying your honeymoon to the fullest.

Planning your honeymoon alongside your wedding may seem overwhelming but it will save you a lot of money and effort later on. So don’t wait any more than you already have. Start penning your thoughts and bring romantic ideas to life.

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