Lessons Eleanor Roosevelt Can Teach Us About Dealing With Debt

Eleanor Roosevelt (ER) was one hell of a woman, and she had some smart insights into many areas of the human condition. In fact, much of what she said can be applied to dealing with the tricky situation of being in debt and not letting it get the best of you. Therefore to find out what ER’s unique view on life can teach us 21st-century women about dealing with debt, read on.

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Be sensible in the first place.

ER was a great proponent of learning from the mistakes of others, as this famous quote here shows. In fact, it was her firm belief that we should be careful to avoid mistakes that others have previously made, and this is something that can usefully be applied to debt situations.

After all, there is so much advice on finance and debt and how to avoid it out there, it would be foolhardy not to do your research and take on board lessons from others that have been down the same road.

Luckily, there are many blogs available that are designed primarily for this purpose where the authors describe how they have avoided debt, live minimally or on a small budget, or got them self out of a pretty dire debt situation. Therefore embrace this wealth of knowledge and allow yourself to learn from both their success and mistakes in your own money management.

You don’t have to be intimidated by a tricky situation.

ER was known for her indomitable nature and as a leading feminist of her era. In fact, she was a great proponent of doing what you feel is right and not being intimidated by others opinion of your choices. Of course, this is an excellent approach to be when it comes to dealing with debt, as many of the routes out of it can be tough to walk.

In fact, this perspective applies particularly to the situation where you need to get your creditors to agree to a settlement, something that they are not obliged to do. Luckily, if you have exhausted your own arsenal of persuasion, there are professionals out there such as National Debt Relief that are experts in negotiating settlements for you. Something that means you can find a clear way through your tricky debt situation and come out on top.

Get some perspective.

Lastly, another great lesson that ER can teach us about handling debt is to remember to have perspective. Yes, being in debt is worrisome and can affect all different parts of your life including whether you can get a mortgage, your credit score, and even your monthly budget.

However, as ER describes it is vital to remember that the loss of friends and faith are much greater woes! Indeed, keeping perspective on our money loss and debts is essential if we are to successfully negotiate them, and focusing on the things that are still positive in our lives such as friends, family and spirituality is smart advice for helping us to get through the hard times.

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