Building A Presence To Move Your Career Forward

For a lot of office workers, moving their career forward is often an impossible dream. The office world doesn’t always give much room for promotion, and while, ultimately, your job title might change or you might be moved to a new team, there isn’t always a monetary reward that comes with it. Or when there is it is rarely worth mentioning. Unfortunately, the main reason for this promotional desert is the lack of opportunities. Most offices function like a well-oiled machine; they don’t have the option of creating new roles that fit employees’ skills. In fact, it’s fair to say that if you’ve been working in an office for a little while, you’ve probably found yourself deskilling as a result of repetitive tasks and the lack of creative projects. Consequently, your profile might become less interesting to other employers too, making it more difficult to get a promotion eventually. But there are some tips you can use to improve your chances of sitting at your own manager’s desk. It’s all about cultivating your presence!  


No more CV writing, write a blog instead

Your digital presence about your expertise

Indeed, while most professionals prefer to stick to LinkedIn, when it comes to establishing their presence online, there is nothing that stops you from blogging about your work – as long as you don’t disclose confidential information. Blogging about your industry sector can significantly enhance your professional profile and be used by hiring managers as proof of expertise. Additionally, using SEO strategy – you can find here one of the best SEO companies by Ignite Digital here to help you with the right method – you can even ensure that your articles attract decision-makers and grow your network. With each blog post, you can assert your knowledge, skills, and understanding of your sector – ultimately, this is the perfect alternative to a dull CV!

An indispensable presence at work

You also need to develop a professional presence at work that makes you an essential team player. Your adaptability is a substantial factor in success. Indeed, being able to adjust to a new challenge can convince your manager to give you more responsibilities and eventually to boost your career. The purpose is not to fit anywhere, but to understand most tasks so that you can make a good go if you need to. It’s fair to say that managers are more likely to promote someone who shows flexibility, especially if you’ve got a professional network boasting about your experience too.

The presence of mind that makes the difference

Keeping your head cool in a stressful situation can dramatically help you to move your career forward. Indeed, offices can be stressful. Consequently, someone who can think and act calmly will achieve more than the person who breaks down and panics. It’s not about learning to become distant to your surroundings, but in fact, it’s about learning to assess facts instead of emotions. Listen to what is said, observe the facts available and prioritize your actions. The reason why people react negatively to stress is that they feel overwhelmed by their emotions and can’t think clearly. When you have a plan of action, you understand that solving problems effectively takes the stress out of the equation.

Your presence, whether digital or office-based, is a tool to showcase your skills, your knowledge, your personality and your professional aptitude. The more you’re present in the moment, solving and discussing issues, the more likely you are to boost your career.  

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