Get Rid of Financial Stress with Jenny Life Insurance

Thank you to Jenny Life Insurance and BraVoMark for the following sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Did you know that traditional funeral costs in the United States current average between $7,000 and $10,000? Or that Americans die with an average of $62,000 in debt? I decided to find a way to work from home back in 2000 when I realized that childcare cost was eating up income by sending my two oldest to daycare. Did you know that parents pay an average of $15,895 for full-time infant care? If one parent dies, would the other be able to handle the cost by themselves?

80% of Americans think life insurance is more expensive than it actually is. The truth is, insurance is much more affordable than you think.  Jenny Life offers the convenience of using an app to get life insurance coverage directly from your phone-starting at as little as $5 per month!

It’s simple to do. After you download the free mobile app for iOS or Android to your phone and then upload a photo of your driver’s license. Then, you can easily get coverage up to $300,000 from an A-rated insurance carrier that works with everyone’s budget. We found that for as little as $60 a year, our family is covered for end-of-life costs as well as handling the many costs of raising and educating our children.

Jenny Life  gives you the convenience of an instant decision life insurance app. No no office visits, paperwork, health exams, blood tests, or even awaiting period to get life insurance coverage. All is handled directly from your phone. I never thought that we could find a life insurance for so cheap. Just a small monthly fee that could be just as little as $5 a month saves family from years of potential financial stress from those unexpected things that can happen to families. Any young family would be crazy not to take advantage of  purchasing life insurance and how easy to do so to boot.

To learn more, visit the Jenny Life Insurance website. You can also follow the company on FacebookTwitter, and Vimeo.

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