A Great Guide to Preparing Yourself for Mountain Trekking


Every human being must at least once in their entire lifetime visit the mountains. The majesty and the sheer intoxicating beauty of the ranges can overwhelm your senses to the point of no return. Mountain trekking is an experience of a life time and an opportunity like that should not be missed out on no matter what. However, it is also an activity that requires ample preparation and dedication. If mountain trekking is indulged in without a good deal of stamina building prior to it, it can become a perilous experience. Since mountains are at an altitude with thin air that keeps thinning out with height, it becomes difficult to breath. You hemoglobin levels have to increase in order to adapt to the mountain air. Trekking again requires you to exert energy which requires more hemoglobin. Without ample preparation, there are chances of synapses or light headedness that can pose as fatal threats when you go trekking.

Here are a few points to consider before you push off to have the most memorable experience of your life.

Work out and stamina building

It is extremely important to have a fit body if you want to go trekking. Regular working out ensures that you have the stamina to endure exertion and your breathing will not cause you to faint in the process of steep climbing. It is important to work on both your core muscles, general muscles and cardio when preparing for trekking. Running and high intensity interval training builds your strength over time. Working your core abs and muscles on machines like the seated row machine or the leg extensions ensure that multiple muscles build and strengthen at the same time.

Addiction control

If you have an addiction that can harm you in the mountain ranges, it is time to avoid it completely or at least curb it to some extent. If you are a smoker, trekking will be painful, not enjoyable. Smoking makes it difficult to breath over time since your lungs are being abused and being rendered useless. In plain land you may experience a slight shortness of breath when you take the stairs but in trekking expeditions it will cause you to flat out and remain so for days. If your lungs are not being used to their full potential and then being strained it will result in catastrophes.


Carry the right tools to your expedition to avoid unnecessary problems in the ranges. The ranges are remote places so it would be impossible to adjust on forgotten items later. Make an organized checklist to ensure you have packed all your essentials. Talk to experienced trekkers to know the unique items that are essential but usually forgotten. Flashlights, mugs, anti-infection powders and lots of extra socks are a few must packs.

It goes without saying that any experience which counts requires efforts to achieve; else it would not be so precious. However an adventurous spirit will never give up its zeal to conquer and experience, be it mountaineering or some other activity.

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