Holidays are always fun, at least most of the time. It is the travelling that can get to your nerves. Bad weather, unplanned (and sometimes unnecessary) delays, luggage that cannot be traced among others have the potential to ruin your holiday even before you start it. The worst part of it all is that sometimes the obstacles are beyond your control. You therefore cannot do anything about it except fight back tears of frustration. It drains your energy at the end of it all. However, with these tips, your holiday travel does not have to be a hassle;

Choose the smaller option

If you are travelling by air, don’t book flights from bigger and busier airports if you can. Go for smaller airports as they tend to be less crowded, and they might be cheaper during the holidays. The less crowded it is, the fewer chances of your luggage being misplaced. Less busy airports also mean less overworked grumpy stewards and you might therefore enjoy the reception.

Pack your own snacks

First, packing your own snacks helps you maintain your healthy diet. You don’t become a slave of what’s on the menu that day. It also saves you from spending on pricey airport snacks that would come on the cheap elsewhere. Besides, you won’t have to queue to get food. Carrying your own snacks also comes in handy when you are travelling with children.

Travel on, not before the holiday

Flights are always cheaper on holidays compared to days before the holiday. Shopping travel websites and using discount codes from travelocity can help make flights even cheaper.  There is also the added advantage of the airport being in a festive mood and friendly. The festive mood might also make the airport give goodies to its customers. The only downside is that you stand to miss out on the pre-holiday excitement but unless you are an events planner, why not?

Be a backpacker

Due to the high number of travelers during holidays, the number of lost luggage tend to be very high. If you can, avoid carrying a suitcase. It will save you the pain of losing your treasures. Use carry-on bags that meet the airline’s requirements. Try to also be early onto the plane as the overhead compartment could fill up quickly. News sites like The Monitor Daily usually have travel tips and accommodation suggestions for backpackers.

Know when to wrap your presents

It is polite to carry a gift for your hosts when travelling. Or you just want to give your partner a surprise when you get to your destination. Quite thoughtful and romantic. However, do not carry already wrapped gifts. While wrapped gifts are allowed in the luggage, the airport security have the right to unwrap them at their discretion. It slows you down, and frustrates you and the other passengers queuing behind you. The best way is to have the gifts shipped to your holiday destination before you travel.

Arrive early

Arrive at the airport early. If your flight leaves at noon, be at the airport by 10am before it becomes a human zoo. If you are taking public transport, leave even earlier as you never know how traffic will turn out. Arriving early allows you time to settle and you can even catch up on your favorite read after clearance at the security.

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