Five Cheap Romantic Getaways


Maybe you and your partner are craving a relaxing weekend at the beach, skiing in the mountains, or something new and exciting.  The only thing is, can you really afford it?

If you’re like most of us, you’re on a budget, so planning something like an over-the-top weekend trip probably seems out of reach. But don’t put the bikini away yet! There are ways to find a ton of cheap and easy trip ideas that are both romantic and budget-friendly.

Depending on where you live, you might want to give these ideas a try.

Beach Retreat

If staying at the beach is your idea of a romantic weekend, try using an Airbnb to find a place you can rent on or near the beach. Renting someone’s home not only will give you more room for the money, you’ll also have a kitchen at your disposal.

Off-Season Culture

You might want to  book a cheap break in the UK while everyone else is planning a beach trip during the winter months. You can enjoy not having to fight the crowds during your romantic getaway.

An All-Inclusive Couples Getaway

You might not realize how affordable all-inclusive resorts can be. There are plenty of all-inclusive hotels you can book with points if you have them.

A Romantic Cruise

Did you know that cruises are one of the most affordable getaway options out there?

For example, a seven-night Caribbean cruise out of Miami starts at just $499 per person on average. Since most of your expenses are included, cruises offer a great way to enjoy a weekend together without dealing with taxi cabs, or sold out events.

A Winery Weekend

Luckily, you can find wineries in all corners of the U.S. Most winerys offer several packages that include lodging, breakfast or lunch, and access to an area winery.

Have you gone on a cheap romantic getaway that didn’t break the bank?


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