How to Travel Alone for the First Time


If you’re either thinking about traveling alone or you’ve already decided to go, you probably have a million questions, like where should you go? And for how long? Will I be able to meet people? Will I be safe? Should I travel solo?

If you’re traveling alone for the first time, here are a few tips to help make it a fun, safe, and enjoyable experience.

Be smart about your safety

The biggest misconception there is about solo travel is that it is dangerous. Let’s face it, bad things can happen whether you are by yourself or with someone else, it just comes down to being wise about the details.

Getting drunk and wandering the streets alone at night would not be wise. This can be avoided easily by drinking less and taking cabs at night. Petty theft is probably a bigger problem but, if you have insurance, it’s not a big deal.

Make a plan

Avoid stressing over where you’re staying by planning ahead. Always write down the name, address and phone number of the hotel you’re staying at. Ask for the hotel’s business card after you get there to show taxi drivers in case they don’t know where it is.

Pick the right spot

It’s a good idea to pick places that tends to attract other solo travelers and are inherently more social. Maybe it’s a landmark or hike, or a place that’s unique that makes people want to come from far and wide.

Let someone know where you are

As a rule of thumb, always let someone know where you are. Give hotel details and itinerary to a family or friend.

Stay in a social accommodation

A fun way to meet others is to stay in a place that’s social like a hostel or guesthouse. If you book a solos holiday some where that has a common room, you’ll be sure to find friendly like-minded people to socialize with.

On the contrary, if you  stay in a private hotel room, you effectively eliminate the possibility that you will meet people at your accommodation.

Don’t draw attention to yourself

You’re always more vulnerable when you’re by yourself. Try to blend in as much as you can and be sure to follow local customs. Dressing modestly and stay away from jewelry that stands out.

Are you thinking about traveling alone? What are your main concerns?

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