7 Tips When Age-Proofing Your Bathroom


If you’re planning to stay in your house for the rest of your life, it might be wise to renovate your bathroom with accessible options. Along with kitchens, bathrooms are one of the spaces homeowners use the most. They also happen to be danger zones, with the potential wet spots which increases the likelihood of slips and falls. When you are looking to design your bathroom, think about reducing slip hazards and ensuring proper lighting and maximum comfort. These are all vital when creating an age-proof bathing space.

These 7 tips will ensure that your bathroom is safe and easy to use for decades to come.

1. Install a walk in shower.  When you  fit a walk in shower instead of a tub, you create a safe entrance when some day you won’t be able to step over the tub. It also reduces the chances of slipping and falling.

2. Install a handheld shower head. These shower heads are easily adjustable for height. Also, if you add a shower bench, you will be able to shower while seated.

3. Install double-duty grab bars. This is a must for age-proofing your bathroom! These provide something for you to hold on to as you’re entering and exiting your shower. Grab bars can also double as towel and robe racks.

4. Increase the height of your vanity. The standard vanity height is 31½ inches. This isn’t always high enough for most people. Raising the cabinet height to 34½ inches can prevent you from having to hunch over as you’re getting ready.

5. Get rid of the glass. Glass walls and doors may open up space in a bathroom, but if you’re looking for a way to age-proof, they may end up more of a pain because they typically require more maintenance. Expect to regularly clean them to avoid streak marks.

6. Ensure that the space is well-lit. The better your bathroom lighting is, the less strain on your eyes. Good lighting will assure that you won’t miss any wet spots that can be hidden by shadows. Use recessed lighting, vanity lighting, lamps and natural light. There are even lighting options for the shower as well.

7. Look for textured flooring. Choose flooring one that has high slip resistance. Tile can increase the likelihood of an injury from a fall for older people.

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