Las Vegas on a Budget: 10 Ways to Save Money in Vegas


Where else can you stay at luxury hotels, dine at 5 star restaurants, watch A-list shows, and party the whole night in at world famous nightclubs?

There’s only one place – Las Vegas baby!

But as fun as this may sound, not everyone can afford to pay top dollar to  visit the Las Vegas attractions  and stay at a 5 star hotel.

Or can they?

If there’s one city where you can live like a high roller on a low roller budget, Las Vegas is the city. If you play your cards right (get it?) you can enjoy 5 star meals at some of the best restaurants to VIP service at some of the finest hotels and nightclubs in Vegas.

Check out 10 ways to save money in Vegas:

 1. Join a Hotel’s Membership Program for Discounts

Every major hotel in Las Vegas offers a “gaming” club that you can join. With this you’ll get immediate access to discounted room rates and exclusive promotions and deals.

2. Visit Midweek

Las Vegas room rates are super cheap Monday-Thursday, with Tuesday and Wednesday being the cheapest.

3. For Weekend Getaways, Come Saturday-Monday

The clubs may not be as crazy on Sunday or Monday, but if you’re looking to come to Vegas on a budget, this is generally the cheapest way to visit.

4. Check the Convention Calendar

Vegas is the convention capital of America. Every week there’s always something going on. It’s almost guaranteed that there’s going to be a conference during the week you visit.

5. Avoid Fight Weekends (or the Super Bowl)

Unless you’re coming to watch the fight, try to avoid big sporting events and music festivals.

6. Do Your Research

Not all hotels in Las Vegas are created the same. The difference in quality from a 4 star and a 5 star is very noticeable. Check out each hotel’s website, watch YouTube videos, read TripAdvisor reviews, and compare amenities.

7. Share Your Room

The more people you can squeeze into a room, the cheaper your cut will be.

8. Eat at Resort Buffets

Why pay $30 a person at a restaurant when you can pay $25 for all you can eat food and drinks? Some of the buffets serve 5 star quality food. For the best bang for your buck, eat at a buffet to save money without cutting out food quality.

9. Book Online

The best place to get cheaper show tickets is to purchase tickets on the shows official website. You can find the cheapest prices and you can avoid any convenience fees by printing them at home.

10. Dine on the Pre-Theater Menu

Generally, most restaurants in hotels that have a nightly show will run a pre-theater menu. You’ll get great quality food and a really cheap price. And, you don’t need to be going to a show to dine off of this special.


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