3 Ways to Take Your Home’s Style to the Next Level



Are you looking to make a statement with the interiors of your home? While common refreshers like pillows and a coat of paint can make your house look new, it might be time to take your home’s style and aesthetic to the next level. With the average national cost of an interior designer or decorator being roughly $5,800, according to Home Advisor, sometimes outsourcing this is not the best option. If you’re lost when it comes to coming up with your own ideas, take a look at these — they’re relatively simple steps you can take to make a style statement in your home.

1. Vertical Garden for the Kitchen

Did you know you can grow an herb garden in the comfort of your kitchen? Not only do you have to stop going outside constantly to pick herbs, but a vertical herb garden is a unique statement piece for the kitchen area. Consider adding the herb garden near your pantry, and make it tall enough so it reaches the top (or close to) of the door frames in the room, making it really stand out. Add your favorite and most commonly used herbs, and then notice the compliments when people come over. You could even decorate the feature with colored pots or fixtures, add some fairy lights or even mix in some floral arrangements to make it a prominent part of the room.

2. Barn Doors for the Bathroom and Bedroom

It’s common to assume that when wanting to make a statement, you have to make huge changes like renovating a whole room or tearing down part of your house. But that’s not true. By making little yet creative updates to furnishings, like your doors, you can still achieve the same result. Rather than having the common door fixture that opens and closes forward, install sliding barn doors in your bathroom and kitchen. You can pick between a one-door or two-door piece, as well as the finishing of your choice depending on what look you’re going for — some options include a wooden barn door for a more rustic look or a white finishing for something more chic. While sliding barn doors can make an effective design statement, it’s also a huge space saver.

3. Extravagant Lighting

If you’re looking to add a bit of glamor to your home, then look up to your lighting fixture and replace it with something more extravagant. Homes usually come with generic or builder-grade lighting fixtures that follow a subtle design and neutral color scheme. However, by picking a statement piece, you can not only make a room look more spacious and full of light, but you can change the feel of room. Look into big pieces like chandeliers for the living room and staircase, or long pieces to go down the dining table. Picking a lighting fixture that fits in with the rooms color scheme is also an effective way to bring the room together and create a well put-together theme.

Decorating your home can be a task that takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you’re looking for your interiors to really stand out as different. Take a look at these few ideas and start thinking outside of the box so you can make a statement.

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