10 important things to bring on your first cruise


You are super excited that the day has come that you are going on your first cruise! One of the best things about cruising? You only have to unpack once. That said, there’s nothing worse than realizing you forgot something important. No worries: Here is a must-have packing list for you to check before you embark on your amazing journey.

Passport or birth certificate

A big perk about cruises are the visits to exciting ports in foreign countries. So, you’ll need to come prepared with identification. And always remember to leave copies at home.


While your luggage is being delivered to your room, keep the essentials (like a swimsuit, sunscreen and some reading material) in a lightweight carry-on so you won’t have to wait for the fun.

Portable charger

Cameras, smartphones and tablets tend to not keep their charge all day when you are constantly using them. Make sure you bring device chargers and a portable charger that lets you charge on the go.

 Formal attire

Cruise ship companies like Silversea cruises offer fun evening events. For ships with formal nights, you’ll want to dress up. Ladies should bring a dress or nice pantsuit, and men should pack a suit.

The right mix of shoes

With all the different activities on a cruise ship, you might need a variety of shoes-especially, if  you’re planning to work out or climb the on board rock climbing wall. Bring dressy shoes for formal nights, and anti-slip, closed-toed water shoes for all of those active shore excursions.

Long pants and socks

There are some ships that require long pants and socks if you are planning to go ice-skating, like on Royal Caribbean’s Voyager, Freedom and Oasis-class ships.


 This isn’t required, but if you want to see all the amazing views from your  window or balcony, you’ll be really glad you can get a closer look.

Extra Clothes Hangers

Let’s face it, all hotel rooms never have enough hangers. The cruise line will provide roughly eight hangers.  If you think you’ll need more (particularly for the longer cruises), throw some extras in your bag.

Power Strip

Most cruise ship rooms have about two reachable outlets.  If you plan on running and charging phones, cameras, gaming consoles, hair dryers, curling irons, etc, you may want to bring a power strip.


Motion sickness is one of the worst feelings you can have.  Don’t spend your cruise getting to know the toilet by name. Even if you’ve never experienced seasickness, you might want to bring Dramamine or ginger pills just in case.


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