Tips For A Stronger Marriage When Living A Busy Lifestyle

having a busy marriage

If there’s no way around being busy, then find a solution for creating a solid bond between you and your spouse given your lifestyle. Be willing to go the extra mile to make sure you’re attending to the needs of your marriage first and foremost. The other responsibilities will always be there, but your marriage won’t if you put in the hard work needed to make it last the test of time.  

The last situation you want is for your relationship to suffer because you’re over committing yourselves and not making you two a priority. Get excited about strengthening your bond and maintaining a healthy family life. The outcome will be a lot of happiness and peace in your future.

Pick A Regular Date Night

You need to make time for the two of you to connect without the kids or distractions. Pick a night during the week that’s dedicated to each other. Choose different activities to keep it interesting like going out to eat, seeing a movie or taking a long walk. Keep it fresh by mixing it up and being open to trying new adventures together. Putting a regular date night on the calendar will make sure you have dedicated time for each other, and you won’t have to worry about not seeing one another when life gets busy.

Connect Mentally, Physically & Spiritually

It’s important to connect on all levels. Make time to create a mental, physical and spiritual bond as a couple. You’ll feel closer to one another when your emotions are invested and the physical chemistry is there. If you need to reignite the passion in the bedroom, then all he needs to do is go online at and choose his size and purchase a product to help you and him have a more pleasurable time. Be there for each other and talk through any personal situations that arise right away.

Have A Weekly Planning Meeting

Sit down together each week and talk through what’s coming up in the following days. Make it short and get right down to business. This way you’ll both be on the same page and know who’s picking the kids up when, and who has obligations after work. Hash it all out during your weekly chat, and there won’t be any confusion during the work week when the days get busy. Write down any important dates, times or events so you’re both on the same page when you walk away from your sit down.

Schedule Family Activities on the Weekends

Since the weekdays are busy, get everyone together on the weekends. Quality family time strengthens the bond with your kids and marriage. Exercise as a group, play games or head to the park for a picnic. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as everyone’s there and you make it a point to relax and have fun. The weekends are a great time to unwind and connect with each other. Let the kids pick what you do some of the time, so they feel more involved and needed.

Focus on Open Communication

Seeing your spouse in the hallway and exchanging a word here and there isn’t communicating. You have to schedule a moment to talk when you each are giving your undivided attention. Pick a time that works for both of you and keep it consistent each day. Maybe it’s while you’re getting ready for work or at lunch when you both can step away from the office. It’s about what timeslot is convenient for you two and provides you with an opportunity to exchange thoughts, questions and concerns without judgment.

Cook Dinner Together

One excellent activity to create a stronger marriage when you’re busy is to cook dinner together. Plan to meet in the kitchen at a particular time and work together to prepare the family meal. It may help to work out the menu and shop for the groceries ahead of time, so you’re not trying to do it all at once. Help each other and work as a team to cook a delicious meal you can all eat together at the dinner table. If you don’t have time to do this every night, try to cook dinner together a few times a week or on the weekends.

Split up the Chores

It’s not fair and will get old fast if one person is doing the majority of the chores and work around the house. You need to evaluate your current situation and decide a more balanced approach according to work schedules and additional responsibilities. Try to come up with a game plan that works for both of you and doesn’t leave one person with the bulk of the chores. This is a great topic to bring up at one of your weekly meetings or when you’re working on improving your communication with each other.

Remember to be Playful & Laugh

Through all the chaos, uncertainty and daily tasks, it’s important to stay upbeat and positive. Laugh, be playful with each other, and support your spouse when they’ve had a rough day. Keep in mind that all your responsibilities can quickly turn into stressors if you’re not careful. Attend to your relationship first, and the rest of the details will fall into place nicely. Don’t get caught up in petty arguments that are only working against you. If a busy lifestyle gets to be too much, then you should take a break and participate in a fun activity together to unwind.

Know that your marriage can survive the storms if you stay focused on what truly matters. It’s all about being willing to manage your busy lifestyle and keep your marriage top of mind. Understand when it’s time to cut back and nurture your relationship. The rest can wait until you’re ready to return to a more fast-paced way of life. It’s important to stay organized, attentive and connected with your spouse on a deep level to make it all work. Enjoy each day together and cherish what you already have built together as a couple.

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