5 things to do in Thailand

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Thailand is among the ideal tour destinations on the globe; from its thriving nightlife to its lucent beaches. From dining to hiking, to sunbathing and traversing islands, this Southeast Asian nation has something on offer for everyone.

Thailand is an initiation for most tourists, and customarily the first stopping place for most Southeast Asian escapade.

There is one problem though; it’s easy to unknowingly spend your entire trip relaxing in a hammock rather than exploring.

We’re here to lend a hand in getting you out of your comfort zone by letting you on five things to do in Thailand.  

1. Savor an ethical elephant adventure in Chiang Mai

Ask anybody about fun activities to engage in while in Thailand, and you’ll most likely get the same answers; elephants. That said, it’s necessary to research early on parks that abuse the animals and avoid them all together. For a memorable and fitting jumbo experience, visit the Chiang Mai based Elephant Rescue Park who rescues and retires ill-treated elephants.

Riding the gargantuan mammals is prohibited, but you get to bathe them, feed them and take strolls with your big-eared buddy.

The excursion commences with a tour of the elephant poo park; here droppings are recycled into paper, believe us – it’s the real deal!

2. Visit the North

Don’t’ call time on your trip without having visited the North. Begin at Chiang Mai, explore the beguiling rice fields in the center and explore the captivating town of Pai.

Plenty of options to combine extreme sports with exotic scenery exist here. For instance, you can go zip-lining through the forest and have monkey bear you company and run into lots of warm Thai people on the way.

A visit to the North is a must-do for people that wish to relish Thailand’s natural environs as well as have a moment of tranquility.

3. Check-in at the Full Moon Party

Upon landing in Thailand, make plans to visit Koh Phangan for the monthly Full Moon Party. We suggest you get to the island a couple of days for the pre-parties and to wallow in the serenity on the stunning peninsula before the fun starts.

On the night, wear neon clothing together with body paint, rally some great company and enjoy the night ahead.

4. Wander through Chatuchak Weekend Market

Bangkok boasts of some of the most beautiful markets anywhere in the world. However, the chicest and iconic is the Chatuchak Weekend Market; spare some time to visit this market that boasts of more than 15,000 mini stalls, and you’ll find just about anything on sale.

Handmade art, vintage clothing, live animals and traditional Thai food are only part of the broad variety of treasures on display here.

A visit to this fabled market gives you a chance to give new life to your wardrobe on the cheap with beautiful wavy clothes.

5. Enroll in a Muay Thai training program  

Muay Thai (also known as Thai Boxing; a cultural martial art involves striking and clinching) is all over the country, and the locals take the sport earnestly. Fighters practice for years.

If you love to watch fights; don’t waste time on the brawls on the islands. Rather visit the Rajadamnern Stadium to watch world-class fighters do their thing.

For those who have experienced Muay Thai training in Thailand, they can confess that it tests you to the limits of your capabilities.  

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