5 Amazing Points of Interest You Won’t Want to Miss When Visiting New York


When it comes to iconic destinations New York City is right up there somewhere near the top of many people’s list, with so many things going for it it’s hard to pick and choose what to see and do when you visit the Big Apple.

Here are five things to consider for your must-see list when you are planning a visit to the bright lights of New York city.

No mistaking where you are with this welcoming sight

There is so much history attached to the famous Statue of Liberty and it was an unmistakable landmark for so many people arriving in America to make a new life for themselves.

It might be an obvious tourist attraction to mention but if you haven’t been out to the island and ticked that visit off your list you haven’t really had the full New York experience.

Rather like traveling over the famous and instantly-recognizable Brooklyn Bridge from the airport and heading to a hotel like The Lexington New York City, there are some things like the Statue of Liberty that just have to feature as a backdrop in one of your selfies.

Get a real bird’s eye view of the city

The default option if you want a panoramic view of this bustling city has often been to take the lift to the top of the Empire State Building and get a real sense of what this city is all about as you take in the skyscrapers and views of Central Park.

A good alternative to consider, especially when you see the queuing times for the Empire State during peak periods, would be to book a trip to Top of the Rock.

The views from the observation deck here easily rival any other building and it is well worth putting on your list.

Plenty for kids to see

If you are traveling to NYC as a family there are plenty of attractions that will hold the kid’s interest, including the American Museum of Natural History.

There are plenty of children who are excited to visit this place because of its starring role in the “Night at the Museum movie, but there are enough things to see and do here to keep everyone entertained for the whole day.

The crossroads of the world

Times Square is the heartbeat of New York City and has often been described as the Crossroads of the World because of its unique atmosphere and global mix of people enjoying the neon lights and sounds associated with so many of us all in one place on the planet.

Spend a few hours in Times Square and start to appreciate why they describe NY as the city that never sleeps.

Take in a game

New York is famous for many things and entertainment is one of them.

Book in advance for when you are coming to the city and you should be able to enjoy watching the New York Knicks play basketball at Madison Square Gardens, or the Rangers take on NHL opponents.

Other options include a baseball game at the Yankee Stadium or taking in a show on Broadway.

You can visit New York as many times as you like and still find something new and surprising about the city, so start with these suggestions and keep on discovering one of the most famous cities in the world.

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