Mistakes Parents Make on Family Hunting Trips


A lot of parents look forward to their first hunting trip with the family. Family hunting trips are great for families who wish to get closer and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time. However, planning the logistics for this type of trip isn’t always easy, and many times, parents end up making mistakes that could ruin the whole experience. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make while planning their first hunting trip with the family.

Keep it Short

Another mistake people make is overestimating the capacity of their children to sustain long hunting expeditions. Kids tend to be restless really quick, and hunts should ideally never go over 45 minutes. This is why you should consider something like small game at first, which is more exciting for small children than deer hunting which can take hours before you make a good catch.

Not Bringing Entertainment

If you’re an avid hunter, then the last thing you’d want to bring with you is your iPhone or iPad. But you have to think about the little ones as well. While hunting might seem exciting to you, this might be a nightmare for a child. This is why it’s important that you bring alternative entertainment as well to keep your kids occupied. They will be much more open and cooperative if you allow them a little bit of down time every now and then.

You should also get them involved as much as possible. Try to play games with them or bring a small and safe air rifle they could use safely. If you don’t know which air rifle would be suitable for your child, visit a site like air rifle center that reviews various air rifle types.

Play games where you child will have to identify certain animals, rocks and trees. You could also forage for wild mushrooms in the meantime. Action figures, coloring books and electronics are all great ways to keep your kids occupied and happy.

Make Sure the Main Objective is Having Fun

While the master hunter in you might want to achieve a few benchmarks, you should always remember to put fun first. You should never put any personal objectives of yours ahead of that if you want to have a good time. If your kids don’t like their first hunting trip, they might never want to go back.

Rushing the Process

You should never push your child to do something they aren’t prepared to do. Maybe you shot your first rifle when you were six, but you shouldn’t put that on your child. Before you have them shoot, make sure that they are mentally and physically prepared to do so. If they seem totally disinterested in the idea and would rather play with their toys, let them. But if they’re eager and want to try their hand at it, you could show them the basics.

Hunting with the family can be the experience of a lifetime, as long as you’re prepared correctly. Follow the tips in this article and your first trip will be one for the ages.

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