Reimagine the Classic Beach House Look for 2018

make your beach house better

Image Credit: Pxhere

Your beach house is your retreat, a place for calm contemplation, long walks and the best night’s sleep as the waves lull you to slumber. There is something about being so close to the sea, something that makes the constant presence of sand everywhere tolerable, as though we have a natural instinct to find the water. It’s luxury.

There are lots of ways that you can decorate your beach house, but the classic look, with woods, white and blue color schemes and beach finds is always going to be a winner. Here are a few ways you can update your look for 2018. Luxury is worth investing in

Simple Wicker Furniture

The classic beach house makes the most of wood, whether it is natural beams, white painted boards or driftwood ornaments. Wicker furniture is a beautiful addition in any beach house as it adds texture and warmth. Though some cheap wicker furniture can be uncomfortable, if you search for luxury beach house furniture, you are more likely to find comfort as well as style.

Though traditionally wicker furniture tends to be boxy, in 2018, the style is much more fluid with gentle curves and softer lines. This isn’t just more comfortable seating, but also looks just right at your beach house. To accessorize, use simple cushions in pale colors to bring out the warmth of the wood. At the moment pale blues are favoured, and taking inspiration from the sea is always a good idea.

Paint it White and Splash With Blue

The classic beach house has to be painted white, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use color accents to lift the interior. Blue is a natural fit and naval blue is a good path to introducing a bolder scheme. Blue and white striped wallpaper, for example, can bring a modern twist to your interior.

If blue isn’t your thing, then turquoise will introduce a more exotic feel reminiscent of the Mediterranean sea. In the countries surrounding the sea, turquoise is often mixed with warm wood tones, deep purples and other jewel like colors to create a rich, textured look. This won’t work in every beach house but it will give you a European distinction.

Collect Treasure From the Beach

There is no point in having a beach house unless you take long walks on the beach, and this is the perfect opportunity to scavenge something beautiful to showcase in your home. Driftwood is possibly the best thing you can find on the beach as it is incredibly versatile and can be collected up to create stunning unique pieces of furniture. There are lots of craftspeople who make use of large sections of driftwood to create some truly remarkable pieces that you can buy too.

A shell here or a piece of washed up glass can be added to a jar to make a gorgeous centrepiece for the table. Pebbles are also a good find, especially if they are nice and flat. You can paint on small pictures and use them as paperweights, or you can always use them to define the borders in your garden.

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