How to Overcome a Speech Impediment As An Adult


Not being able to speak clearly, confidently, and freely is not a minor matter. Oral communication is how people are able to assert themselves, express ideas, and connect. Children might be teased for having a stutter with their peers telling everyone around them that the child with the speech issue is not as smart as everyone else. In turn, children with speech issues may become withdrawn and unwilling to participate in most social and academic settings because they aren’t able to speak smoothly. Many speech therapists recommend free speech therapy apps to adults and children who require continual practice. If a speech impediment developed in childhood is still causing you grief as an adult, take the following advice to heart.

Speak Publicly As Often As You Can

It can make you so nervous that your palms begin to sweat, but one of the most effective means of eliminating a speech impediment involves public speaking and discussion. Realize that making a speech is hard for most people, whether they have speaking difficulties or not. You have to maintain eye contact with your audience, enunciate your words clearly and deliver your message without cracking under pressure. If you can master the art of speaking publicly, you will improve your speaking skills.

Relearn How to Listen

Ever hear a person that you know fairly well speaking with a slight lisp or mispronouncing words that you had failed to notice before? Well, they probably didn’t develop their lisp or pronunciation issues overnight, but it is probable that you just weren’t listening to it before. You’re likely going to be your biggest critic, so while you might think that having a stutter or lisp is highly noticeable, it might not even make a difference to the majority of those around you. Listen to others around you to pick up on clues on the differences in everyone’s speech patterns. Some will have slight accents that are barely discernible; others will use a lot of slang, even in more formal situations.

Slow It Down

Sometimes, you can have trouble with your speech because you are talking way too fast. Words can become all jumbled together when you don’t take adequate pauses or simply blurt out your thoughts without thinking. Take your time, pace your speech, and wait before giving replies to any questions asked. Giving yourself time to think and plan out your responses will absolutely make it easier for you to avoid stuttering and tripping over your words. It might even pay to write your thoughts out on paper and then read them aloud, so you have time to practice what it is you intend to say.

Stuttering can cause anxiety when you need to speak to a group of strangers, work in a position of authority, or want to present yourself as the head of a company. No one speaks perfectly at all times so don’t think that your speech has to be flawless. As long as you are expressing your thoughts clearly, you will not have your life inhibited by any type of speaking difficulty.


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