Add To Your Career Prospects With These Skill-Building Tips

When you go out to work, you’re expected to learn very quickly what your job entails and how to get the job done. When you apply for work, you can read the benefits and salary available to you and decide from there whether it’s the role that is right for you. The good thing about a lot of companies, is that they will often offer training and personal development opportunities for you to build your skills and give yourself a chance to do well. If you get the chance, you should take on as many chances as you can for development, as your future depends on it.

There are a lot of jobs out there that rely on you taking on continuous training to better yourself. The better you do for your own training, the better the business will do off the back of it. Your company doesn’t have to be the one to pay for your continued education, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t grab every opportunity for learning that you can with both hands. You’re working your way up the corporate ladder, and the more skills that you build up for yourself, the better your prospects for promotion or upgrade later on. Your aim should always be to remain competent and coveted in the field in which you are working and building independent skills is the way to be able to get there.


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There are several ways that you can build your skills independently, and when you’re on a budget you need to be able to do this as cheaply as possible. We’ve put together some of the best ways that you can give yourself the skills boost that you want, without breaking the bank!

Reading, Reading, Reading

Most of the knowledge that you acquire through life, whether that is in school or not, comes from reading. Articles online, group forums and blogs are a good place to start, as the internet is packed full of information that is free for you to get your hands on. Try to stay off websites like BuzzFeed if what you want are solid facts, and make a plan to find relevant content online that will complement your skills and knowledge. Where you can, try and dedicate a thirty-minute window per day to reading something new. By incorporating reading into your daily routine, you can give yourself a real shot at making it work for you. If reading isn’t something you have the time for, or you’re not a visual learner, try out podcasts online like the ones you can find here. Industry-specific podcasts can give you the education you need on the long commute, expanding your knowledge without you even trying!

Group Learning

As an adult, the idea of joining group organizations may seem a little daunting, but professional organizations are actually fantastic places to get the best resources that are all too often, overlooked. There are plenty of associations and career groups that you can join in your industry, you just have to look out for them! The best thing about joining industry-specific organisations is the access to information that you can get – information is power when it comes to your future and if you add on by joining informal groups on social media, you can find even more sources of group learning.


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Night School

The internet is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Well, thanks to its growth, it’s never been easier to learn something new just because you want to, whether that is basic subject courses or a Fran U Online RNBSN to further your nursing career. Signing up for an online course gives you the chance to add to your qualifications, regardless of your industry. Getting the right information that you need for a new degree or a new start can be obtained around your fulltime hours at work, and while this may sound like an exhausting prospect, you can usually make a course work for you at your own pace. It can get tempting to take classes in a variety of subjects, but where you can try to stick to your own industry. You want to be a master of a trade, rather than a jack of all of them.


When you get the chance around your job and your classes, take some time to volunteer. Candy striping at a hospital while studying for a higher qualification in nursing is the way to gain valuable experience in the field you want to work in. Working for free may not have been a prospect on your radar, but it’s one that you should be considering if you want to gain experience. Most companies out there would be happy to have someone working for free, which is why interning is so popular. However, you should consider the role you take on and how it will benefit you in the long-run, and it HAS to benefit you if you want to progress in your field.


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Gaining knowledge independently takes an awful lot of motivation. You have to be really willing to go and find the information out there available to you to progress your qualifications and knowledge. Your skill set is always going to be your responsibility and having support from your workplace to get your skills bumped up is a bonus. Sometimes, the search for information can encourage you to break away from the career you are trained for and make you feel like you should push ahead in another direction. Learning different skills can also make you work more productively in your role, which then translates to making you more successful.

While you’re searching for information to boost your confidence, qualifications and knowledge, you should be ensuring that you are adding to the skills you have rather than just carving out a new career path. Enhancing your current knowledge is often better for you than adding extra learning. Don’t forget, the more you learn, the more you can earn – chasing the qualifications that can get you there is going to change your life.

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