Travel hack: 5 Tips on how to survive a long-haul flight


Long-haul flights don’t have to be a miserable experience for those flying economy. Check out these 5 travel tips on surviving a long-haul flight:


  • Dress comfortably


The airplane is no place to flaunt your fashion sense. You’ll notice it in every passenger, they’re all dressed for comfort. Be as casual as you want and think of some really good pieces you can stand wearing for more than 8 hours. The temperature on the plane can drop to chilly levels so it’s advisable to wear layers so you can adjust as you ease in to your flight. Having a blanket and wearing compression socks for flying also helps in keeping your body relaxed and while providing proper circulation.

  • Choose your seat wisely


Plan ahead and go online as soon as your flight check in opens. This allows you to pick your seat ahead of time. There are several considerations when it comes to choosing a seat but generally if you’re in economy and want more legroom, go for the exit rows. If you want quick access to the loo and don’t mind missing the view from the window, get an aisle seat. If you want to avoid crying kids, go further back as the front of the plane is usually reserved for those travelling with babies.


  • Minimize your baggage


Keeping things to a minimum helps make you more mobile. Pack only the essentials and make sure you’re not carrying too much with you on your seat or your hand carry will end up taking more space than you do. If you can pack everything you need on a carry-on luggage, that would be better as it saves you a lot of time. That means you don’t have to line up to check in your luggage and claim them at the carousel after your flight.


  • Rest well and take care of your health

Keep yourself hydrated at all times to avoid getting headaches and feeling nauseous. While the airplane will definitely have their own first aid kit, it’s still best to have your own. Get a lot of rest before flying and don’t exhaust yourself before you fly, thinking you can just sleep your tiredness in the air. Chances are you’ll still feel tired after waking up because you’re not in your usual sleeping condition. Avoid jet lag by relaxing your schedule before your flight. You can also try planning your arrival in the morning so you’re tempted to stay awake and explore the place instead of retiring immediately.Choose the right airline


Not all airlines give the same long-haul flight experience. Specially if you’re flying economy, the difference can be so stark. Some airlines have very small legroom and narrow aisles that you’d rather upgrade your trip than risk the consequences. Consider carriers that have large seats, somewhere around 17 inches or more would be nice. Also check in-flight meal options and what snacks and refreshments they offer. Another thing to look for is the entertainment system, airlines will boast about them in their web page so do check it out. Research and read online reviews to help you decide which carrier to board.

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