4 Ways to Select Insect Repellent That Is Not Harmful to Your Body


Not all insect repellents in the market are created equal. You need to make the right choice to get the best protection and avoid allergic reactions and other skin problems when applying them. Different products may be using different ingredients and thus can offer a different effect on your skin. As well, different skin types and sensitivity levels react differently to these ingredients so you need to know what is good for you to use.

Here are some ways to help you choose an insect repellent that is effective and which will not have negatives effects on your skin and body:


  • DEET vs. Picaridin vs Permethrin


DEET or N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide or N,N-diemethylbenzamideis is a mosquito repellent used in the US since the 1950s and has become a standard for mosquito repellent products through the years. Different products contain different levels of DEET, but make sure to choose on with more than 20% concentration to get maximum protection. However, too much DEET may also cause some skin problems, so make sure you get the not more than 35% concentration that is still good for kids’ use.

Picaridin and permethrin are alternatives for DEET that is used in some other products. These are also proven effective insect repellents and good for the skin at the same concentration as DEET. These ingredients are generally good for sensitive skin. You can find some products with these substances. Skin irritations and allergies are still possible to highly sensitive skin so make sure you have the approval of your dermatologists.


  • Look For Reputable Brands


Do not settle for cheap brands when it comes to your insect repellents. Brands like Cutter, Repeller Off! and others are known and popular because they are effective and they contain the right ingredients. Settling for brands that are not known just because they are cheap can be harmful to you.


  • Research and Read Reviews


If you are uncertain what to buy among the many choices available, you may conduct a research on you own. A lot of sites can provide you with information on the most effective repellent reviews basing on available products in the market today. You will also be able to read about the experience of some people and pick up some really good tips.


  • Ask Your Dermatologist


No one knows more about your skin than your dermatologist. Before you start buying an insect repellent, a consultation with your dermatologist or a reputable one can help you make the right decision. They will give you an advice on what ingredients to use and what to avoid.  They will also give you a recommendation on what type of repellent is best for you—whether cream, lotion or spray, as they may also have different effects on your skin.


With the right insect repellent that is effective and safe for your skin and body, you can keep away insects and the diseases they potentially carry. You will also avoid more problems that will just cost you more money and more agony in the long run.


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