Calling All Teens! Here’s How to Land Your First Job

As you start to get older you may be realising that living life costs money. There’s comes a time when the allowance you get from your parents just doesn’t cut it anymore. You may want a part-time job to pay for your dream car or perhaps you need more money while you’re studying at college. Whatever your reasons, getting a job isn’t as easy as it used to be. There are likely to be hundreds of candidates applying for the same job as you, so you need to be prepared. Here’s what you need to do.ideas for teen


Create a Resume

You may feel like taking the time to create a resume is pointless. After all, if you’re still in school and don’t have any job experience, there may not be a lot to write about. However, a resume can give an employer a sense of who you are. When writing out a resume, make sure you list your qualities and why you think an employer should hire you. List any work experience you may have done through your education and add references of your tutors or attach a recommendation from your previous teachers. When you really want to get ahead of the crowd, personalise your resume to the company that you’re applying to.

Dress to Impress

If you’re still at school or college you may be used to a more relaxed way of dressing. There’s no-one to give you a row if you turn up to a lecture in jeans you’ve worn for the past three days and a hoodie. When you don’t have anyone telling you how you must dress, sloppy dressing can become a bit of a habit. But, it should be avoided at all costs when it comes to meeting a potential employer. Wearing suitable clothing and grooming yourself properly for a first meeting will give a good impression. Part-time jobs are usually first point of contact jobs, so you’ll be responsible for setting a good image for the business.

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Make a List

When you really want a job, there’s no point applying for one and then hoping for the best. You need to make a list of potential jobs and apply to them all. There are often retail companies looking for teenage employees to fill after school or weekend positions. For instance, you can get Old Navy application information here.  Look for jobs in lots of different places. You may find some online, you may find some in your local newspaper or you could hear of some by word of mouth.


Don’t be disheartened by rejection. Being rejected is all part and parcel of finding a job that’s ideal for you. You may be rejected for lots of different reasons; someone beat you to it, there was a person more qualified for the job or the employer was looking for something specific. Learning to hear the word ‘no’ and not take it personally will serve you well in your job hunt and your future career.

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Interview Skills

The one thing that many teens lack is interview skills, so if you can learn those skills before your first interview you’ll be ahead of the game. You need present yourself with confidence. Maintain eye contact and have a firm handshake. Remember that it’s okay to take time to think, and it’s often okay to take notes into an interview with you. It shows employers that you’re prepared to answer their questions. Do your research about the company and it’s often wise to prepare questions in advance. If an interviewer asks you if you have any questions, ask at least one before you leave.

Get Feedback

This is a tip that many people fail to use. If you’re unsuccessful after an interview, get in touch with the employer and ask for feedback. Find out what you could have done differently and use it for your next interview. Applying constructive criticism to the way you apply for jobs could be just what you need to get your foot through the door. Most employers will be willing to give you tips to help you in your search for employment. If you come across an employer whose offended by you asking for feedback, be glad you didn’t get the job.

You have more competition than ever when it comes to getting your first job, but if you’re willing to work hard for it, you will find success. Just remember, like anything else, when it comes to finding a job, practice makes perfect.

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