Greener Grass: The Signs You Need to Change Job

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A lack of satisfaction with your job is pretty darn common these days. But how can we tell between a vague dissatisfaction that we’re willing to put up with for the money and alarm bells that are telling us to get a new job? Here are some of the signs you should move on!

You’re not getting paid enough

Some estimates say that about a third of employees feel they’re underpaid; others put the figure closer to or even beyond half. Does this mean that all of these people are actually being underpaid? Well, not necessarily. The fact is that a lot of discontent in this area actually comes from people overestimating the value of their work. Many like to jump to the conclusion that employers are simply short-changing their employees. While this is definitely the case in many instances – and you should do everything you can to get a raise – most workers are probably overestimating their worth. You should do your research when it comes to your specialty and the abundance of people who could replace you. If you want more pay, it’s more likely that you need to advance to a new career!

You’re not feeling challenged

Boredom is very common in the modern workplace – but where does that boredom stem from? Quite often, it’s the lack of challenge that comes with the job. And we’re not necessarily talking about physical challenges – we’re focusing more on cognitive challenges, which are what really keep you from becoming bored. Learning new skills, developing your current ones, and applying them to new problems on a frequent basis can be really effective when it comes to overall job satisfaction. You may need to take things into your own hands. Ask for more responsibility. If you can’t get it, then use something like Training Connection to gain new skills and use those to look for a more challenging and satisfying job.



You’re unhappy

A lot of people would say that being unhappy with your job over a long period is just par for the course. After all, who actually loves their job? If surveys are to be trusted, it’s a tiny minority of workers who actually enjoy their job all that much. It’s just something we do for money, after all. But the fact is that long-term unhappiness with your career will increase stress and can lead to depression. If you’re unhappy and bored, then you need to try looking at other options. It’s not a necessity that you be miserable in order to be employed!

Employee turnover is high

Another fortnight, another colleague’s leaving drinks to attend. This is quite common in the business world, but a lot of people fail to see this as a warning sign. The fact is that there should really only be a few people leaving the company every year; as few as possible, preferably. If people seem to be leaving quite often (or even getting fired!) and new faces are always popping up, that means employee turnover is high. This high turnover is a sign that certain elements of the business are lacking. Usually it’s satisfaction, but it can be much more than that, such as a lack of opportunities for business growth.

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