How Your Business Can Support The Freelancer Manifesto

When you embrace the freelancing world, it’s a choice for more freedom in your professional life. Suddenly, you don’t need to worry any longer about pleasing the boss, because you are the one and only boss. Most freelancers, while they recognize the precarity of their situation at first – it is never easy to start a business from scratch – appreciate and value the sense of freedom, responsibility and the immediate recognition they get with the job. However, if you want to be successful in the world of freelancing, you need to obey the freelancing manifesto. For instance, you should always ensure that you are looking after yourself and your health as a freelancer, as you are the main – and only – business asset. Then you need to find ways to keep ahead of competitors, which means to check what other freelancers are offering and their pricing policies. Lastly, it is about ensuring that you can get paid on time, which means that you need to ask for upfront payments or turn unpaid invoices into cash. You will need to follow the same advice for your digital presence.



Look After Your Business Presence

There is no freelancing success without a strong digital presence. In other words, the world of freelancing requires a website that you can use to promote your services and to publish your portfolio when it is possible. Depending on the type of services you offer, you may need to be looking at specific storage functions, such as a hosting solution that offers enough flexibility for you to increase or decrease your storage needs. Similarly, another important factor of online presence is the ability for your website to adapt to the size of any device, from smartphones to laptops. A healthy online presence is a form of self-promotion for your business. Consequently, you need to look carefully after any online content and facility that you deploy. Your social media platforms do matter as they are the direct way in which you share news and market trends with your customers. Therefore, keeping your social media updates regular and decent – avoid any swearing and personal trolling with your professional platforms – help your customers to gain trust in your business.

Keep Ahead Of Competitors

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Influencer engagement

Your business has competitors, whether these are other freelancing businesses or companies. While this means that, from a personal perspective, you need to keep an eye on your direct freelancing competitors, you will also need to ensure that your online business is showing an interest in the latest market trends. For instance, the current marketing trends focus among other strategies on content marketing and influencer marketing campaigns. These are two elements that, at an individual level, you can reproduce to compete even with the largest companies. Indeed, using social media to share your latest content – assuming it discusses current topics – can place you as a strong social influencer, which can help you win deals against large companies.

Get Paid on Time

Getting paid is always one of the main difficulties for freelancers. While you can ask for upfront payments, you could also ensure that your invoices are easy to pay for your clients. Indeed, enabling online payment options – such as PayPal, credit card, or even direct bank transfer – makes it quicker and faster to pay. Sometimes, invoices that can be paid in a click are more likely to be paid on time.



Pay online

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