How Larger Organizations Can Retain More Staff


Is there a high turnover of staff in your company? This is a serious problem for larger organizations because this continual loss of highly trained, experienced employees has an effect on the efficiency and success of a business. However, there are many ways you can prevent this and ensure that fewer employees leave a company on a regular basis. Below are some of the ways larger organizations can achieve this important goal.

Find Out What Your Employee Really Think About Your Organization

Unfortunately, you may not find out that you have disgruntled employees until they hand in their notice. At this stage, it’s too late to take any action that will reverse an employee’s decision to resign.

However, if larger organizations make an effort to find out more about their employees and what they think about their employer, the decision makers in that organization can make the necessary changes that will address the employees’ fears and reasons for wanting to leave. For example, and similar websites provide information and services such as surveys that give you the knowledge and information required to improve employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Treat People Like Individuals

In some medium and large companies, many employees feel alienated and believe they are just another resource to be used to make money and profit for the business and the shareholders. This is why it’s essential to remove many of the barriers that exist in your organization so that employees feel appreciated. Team building exercises, meeting with leading members of the organization on a regular basis, and any other activities that encourage communication between senior members of staff and their employees are effective ways to break down these barriers.

Reward Success

When a business succeeds, its main stakeholders are usually rewarded handsomely. This should also be the case for employees when they reach certain business goals and targets. The most obvious reward is money, but encouraging, praising, and rewarding individuals in other ways is just as effective at raising morale.

Training and Education

Companies that really value their employees always want them to keep developing and improving their skills. Providing internal and external training and education ensures that you have a highly skilled workforce that’s motivated and loyal to their employer.

Empower Employees

As well as breaking down communication barriers in a business, decision makers should also look for ways to empower their staff members. In most businesses, the people who do the work each day are often in a much better position to assist with making decisions for a business. Involving employees in important decisions that affect the organization is a powerful way to give them more responsibility and make them feel like they are a valuable part of the company.

Losing staff on a regular basis is costly and it can seriously damage the reputation and efficiency of a medium or large sized company. However, if you follow the tips above, this will be less likely to happen because you will have a happier, more effective workforce.

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