Creative Ways to Tell a Story

creating a story

Do you have a story to tell or good news to pass on to family or friends? There are plenty of ways to do this, but with so many tools at your disposal, it is easy to be creative.

A story can be anything from a detailed description of a vacation to an amusing tale of something naughty your fur baby did. Storytelling is also an important strategy for content marketing – readers tend to respond better to ‘stories’ rather than sales oriented marketing materials.

In this post, we have a few ideas to help you tell your stories more creatively, and the good news is that you don’t need any special skills!

Keep it Short and Sweet

We live in a busy world with barely enough time to drink a cup of coffee, let alone sit and read a long, rambling blog post. Sometimes, a photo can say more than a piece of text can ever do. Think about what you are trying to tell your audience and decide whether words are the best medium.

Create a Photo Collage

Use props and a suitable backdrop to create the right image. Alternatively, use Adobe Spark to create a photo collage from your own images or images available under a Creative Commons license.

Social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr are perfect for images and pictorial content. If one image is not enough to tell your story, produce a series of images and publish them at intervals. Your audience will enjoy seeing what happens next!

Create an Online Photo Album

Following on from the last point, sometimes multiple images tell the story so much better than a single isolated photo. Vacations are a good case in point.

One vacation photo represents a snapshot in time from a single location. It doesn’t tell the whole story. Instead, download your vacation photos and organize them into an album, so your viewer takes a trip with you through your vacation memories. Once you have selected the best images and edited them to perfection, upload them to a Facebook album for friends and family to enjoy.

Film a Video

You can post a video online or send it out to family and friends via email. Thanks to smartphone technology, everyone has an HD video camera in the palm of his or her hand. Have fun filming scenes and action sequences. Conduct face-to-face interviews in the style of Reality TV and use online tools to edit your movie into a bite-sized movie.

Write a Long Post

Despite the fact that longer content is off-putting if you barely have time to eat your lunch, statistics show that longer social media posts and blogs actually have better click-through rates. Longer posts go into greater detail and are more engaging to an interested audience. If you have something interesting to say, spend time crafting a captivating post for your blog or social media account.

This is just a snapshot of how you can tell a story more creatively. You could also try Facebook Live or write a poem. Be original and have fun!

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