5 Quick Exercises That You Can Do at Home


Although the fact remains that enrolling in a gym and doing your workouts guided by a professional trainer remains as the top way to exercise. However, this should not be the only condition to stretch your muscles and move your body. Exercise along with the right nutrition is the proven best way to get rid of body fat and keep your physique healthy and fit, and signing up for a gym membership is not the only option. Over time, the importance and advantages of home exercises have been further emphasized. This way, work-at-home moms can still workout, as well as home buddies, and those who don’t have enough freedom in their budget to get a gym membership.

There are lots of exercises at home that you can do with simple or even no equipment necessary. All you need is dedication and consistency to reap the benefits of these exercises. Here are some of them.

  1.    Floor Exercises

A lot of quick workouts can be done on the floor with no other equipment necessary. These include push-ups, crunches, and limb-raises. The beauty of these workouts is while there is no equipment needed, you can still gain optimum benefits if they are performed right and consistently well.  Wide spaces are not a requirement as you can do this in your home office, living room, or even your bedroom. There are also variations of these exercises that provide extra benefits.

  1.    Quick Yoga Exercises

Having 10-20 minutes a day to spare for yoga exercises provides great benefits for your mind and body. Studies suggest that exercises like yoga release substances that clear the brain and induce happiness. You don’t even need instructional videos as you go along, you just need to familiarize yourself with some basic poses and routines and you can do this anywhere within your home.

  1.    Chair Exercises

If you have a chair, then you have everything that you need to work out. Things as simple as checking your sitting posture can greatly condition the body. You can also do seated jumping jacks, ab twisters, seated leg extensions and more. Be creative and you will be on your way to fitness.

  1.    Free Standing Pull-up Bar

Free standing pull-up bars are among the most popular home gym equipment to date.  It is easy to set up and doesn’t consume much space. You can do a lot of exercises with this very simple equipment right at your home. Put it in the bedroom for that early morning exercise or anywhere in your house so anybody can use the equipment. Check out the best standing pull-up bars here.

  1.    Light Weight Lifting

Light weight lifting at home does not necessarily require buying weights, you can start with anything you find in your home, especially your kitchen. Make use of canned goods, cooking utensils, filled jars, and others. There’s always something that can provide you with the right weight and resistance that you need. You can do these exercises whenever you have free time.

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