4 Ways You Can Better Your Chances of Earning an Athletes’ Scholarship for Free

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Earning an athletes’ scholarship isn’t easy and you’ll have to put in a lot of work to make sure you’re a success in the sport you love. A lot of athletes are lucky in the sense they are superstars and don’t need to do a lot to get noticed. However, there are those out there that need to put in a bit more effort because they aren’t quite at superstar standard yet or because the sport they want a scholarship in isn’t hugely popular. If you’re looking to improve your chances of earning a scholarship for free, have a look at some of the basic ideas below which are guaranteed to help your cause.


  • Take Your Progress to Social Media


If you’re good at the sport you love and you know how good you are you should take your progress to social media to show everyone what you’re all about. There are always coaches lurking on social media that are looking for talent just like yours and there’s no reason why you can’t get in contact with a coach once they’ve seen what you have on offer. Create a simple video of you in action and get your family and friends to share it around to give yourself more exposure.


  • Send YouTube Videos to Coaches


If you are already in contact with coaches and colleges you can create your own videos and send them the YouTube link. This is completely free and you won’t need a professional videographer to help you; you can just record the action yourself from your own smartphone. It doesn’t have to be excellent quality either. It just needs to show what you’re all about and what you can offer the sport you’re interested in taking further.


  • Contact Coaches Directly via Email


Unless you are a superstar in the sport you love, the chances are no coaches will know you even exist, which is why you need to contact them directly. There is a rule which states coaches aren’t allowed to contact you until you’re out of high school, but there’s nothing stopping you from contacting them so they can keep an eye on your progress until you’re eligible for a scholarship.


  • Take Advantage of Online Tools


There are, in fact, many tools online that you can take advantage of to help you find a scholarship. However, many tools don’t work and usually, these are the ones that promise you a scholarship for $100 or less – steer clear of these as coaches don’t like to be approached by agencies. If you’re looking to connect with coaches your best chance is to sign up to atheletes-usa.com to get your name out there – many coaches search the database for candidates just like you and it has been known to be hugely successful for thousands of students.

Unless you’re a superstar you will have to put in a lot of effort to find a scholarship, but by taking advantage of the above methods there’s no reason why you will have to wait to earn an athletic scholarship.

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