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After a hard week at work we all deserve to take the weight off at the weekend. However with all the rushing around, our monday to friday routines demand, the cleaning of our homes tends to get neglected so come the weekend it’s all stacked up and is crying out for us to throw on the marigolds. Saturday mornings can so easily become the go-to cleaning time-slot of the week, which is so frustrating as we all have much more fun things that we’d prefer to be doing.

So today we want to share our special tricks to speed up your cleaning process so that you can have your homes gleaming from top to bottom, and can have you out and about and enjoying your weekends in record time.

Start With a Plan

Cleaning experts claim that in order to cut your cleaning time in half you should adopt a specific cleaning plan that you follow every time you clean. By cleaning your home in the same order every time, you can follow a quick foolproof strategy that will prevent you from darting back and forth from one room to another.

Many of us lead our cleaning systems with the products we are using. So if we are using mirror cleaner, we go from room to room with said mirror cleaner, until all the mirrors are clean. We then pick up the next type of cleaner and do the same, using that product in the places each different room requires. However this can double the time we spend cleaning as we are dashing around the house and wasting time.

Therefore, by putting all your cleaning products together in one bucket will mean that you have everything at hand to tackle each different area of one room, in one go. Then once that room is finished you can simply pick up the cleaning bucket of products and move to the next. Cleaning experts claim that to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning you need to be consistent. You should create a routine where you do the same every time you clean, as speed comes from knowing your routine and method for each area of each room. Adopting this strategy means you will clean like clockwork and half your cleaning time.

Similarly you should also approach the strategy, in each individual room, in an orderly fashion. Instead of dusting the coffee table and then cleaning the fireplace etc, experts say you should be cleaning the room from left to right, and top to bottom in order to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning each room. So, dusting from the top of the room, from chandeliers and lights, right down to the floors ensures you don’t miss any area out. Then cleaning from the left all the way through to the right means that instead of looking around and cleaning randomly you are consciously working your way through each room without having to dart back and forth.

According to specialists, we all have a natural tendency to clean, looking down at the object we are cleaning. When we look up we naturally move over the next object or area we see, and so on. This means that our cleaning strategies are not only completely random, and have us bouncing all over the place aimlessly it also means we don’t realise that many times we repeat the cleaning of some areas we have already covered. Therefore this top to bottom, left to right technique makes sure we cover everything, without repeating, and all within half the time.

Good Products

Good cleaning really does start with great products. Scrimping on cleaning products is one of the first mistakes we make when we tackle the cleaning of our homes, as cheap products usually demand twice the amount of scrubbing until we can achieve the desired result. has info on a wide range of top cleaning products that not only get the job done in half the time, but also showcases cleaning products that our safe for your children, pets and also for our planet.

Your ‘Tool’ Box

Have you ever seen a plumber, a carpenter or a professional cleaner go anywhere without their trusty box of tricks? No, we thought not. That’s because these professionals know that to be prepared for every eventuality their tool box is their everything. We should also think the same when we tackle the cleaning of our homes.

Investing in a proper cleaning tray where we can store all our different cleaning products, so whatever room and area we are in and whatever cleaning task we face we always have the right cleaning product within arms reach, at that moment. Instant time saved from to-ing and fro-ing, going backwards and forwards to our cleaning product selection under the sink. The only thing that might need a couple of extra trips will be your bowl of warm soapy water, to make sure that the water you are using is clean and hygienic, and you’re not just passing germs around your home, from room to room.

You should also have a special cleaning apron so that you can get into your cleaning, all guns blazing. To make sure you’re not worried about soapy splash back on your new t-shirt or pretty summer dress. Some die-hard cleaning pros even have a carpenter’s style tool belt and fill the pockets with their top cleaning products. Obviously big bottles of cleaning product aren’t going to fit in those small pockets, but topping up little spray bottles every couple of weeks will certainly do the job and have you whizzing around, whipping your homes up into shape like a real cleaning pro.

Prevention is Quicker Than the Cure

Preventing potential problems around your home, rather than ignoring them and then having to resolve them when they get out of control is an important way to make sure your weekly cleaning routine doesn’t get out of control. Stopping some problems before they begin is a really important technique to avoid time-consuming cleaning issues. For example using a simple shower spray after every shower you have will really reduce the amount of scum and grime buildup that will otherwise develop in your shower and eventually present you with a very time-consuming and frustrating de-grimming bathroom job. So being mindful about the little everyday, or weekly things, you can do around your home to keep on top of the hygiene and overall presentation of your home will pay dividends when it comes to shaving some serious time off your weekly clean.

Dusting Details

Effective dusting all starts with efficient dusting products. We’ve all been there in those moments where we just feel like we are just simply pushing dust around from one corner of the house to another. Even worse, trying to dust away the week’s dirt and dropping clouds of ostrich feathers and large quill feathers everywhere we go from cheap feather dusters. Which is of course not only totally counter-productive but also just downright annoying.

Therefore investing in a heavy-duty, high-quality feather duster is a priority for any of you that are serious about halving the amount of time you dedicate to cleaning your homes.

Another little extra tip about dusting, is that it should always be followed by the vacuuming. There is a lot of disagreement about which one should come first. However as dusting kicks up a lot of dust and tiny molecules into the air, the vacuuming should definitely come after. Leave some time after dusting to let the other molecules settle down to the floor, then whip around with the vacuum cleaner to finish off the job. Whilst you wait five to minutes for the dust to settle, get to work on the other cleaning tasks that the room requires.

Cut Through Grease in Lightening Time

Grease is most definitely our feistiest foe when it comes to cleaning our kitchen. It ends up not just in our ovens and on our stoves it also ends up on our kitchen cabinets, on the floor and just about anywhere and everywhere in our kitchen. So it’s super important that we invest in a heavy duty spray to cut through that grease in record-breaking time. Kitchen cleaners with orange oil are one of the best for wiping through grease or you can even use dish washing detergent as your kitchen cleaning product.

Using dish washing detergent, specifically for greasy pots, will instantly cut right through grease anywhere else in your kitchen. You can mix one tablespoon of grease-zapping liquid detergent with a gallon of warm water and then get to work. If it’s your first time using this solution, to clean your kitchen, make sure you do a quick spot test to make sure the solution doesn’t wear off any kitchen surfaces or microwave setting displays, for example.

For extra stubborn stains that refuse to come off, try mixing white wine vinegar, lemon juice, water and baking soda to have your kitchen gleaming and sparkling in no time at all.

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