The Ultimate Guide To The Best Night’s Sleep You’ve Ever Had



Insomnia is a horrible experience to undergo. A skewed work/life balance, general life stressors or simply not getting enough activity in a day are but some of the causes that can set off a bout of insomnia. Insomnia can be a difficult beast to tame because the less you sleep, the more you worry about it, which causes you to sleep less. The vicious cycle seems endless when you’re in it. Insomnia is usually defined as a long stretch of difficulty getting to sleep. Stretches of up to a few days worth of turbulent sleep are likely not the clinical definition of what insomnia is because anyone can undergo a period of difficulty sleeping due to the stress of their life situation.

If you are suffering a period of deep sleeplessness, it’s always best to consult a medical professional to get the best help possible. This article will go into the solutions you can try adopting in order to gently promote a better night’s sleep, whatever that means for you right now.


Setting the atmosphere is important to gently promoting your rest. Investing in some scented candles or incense might go a long way to helping you relax, forget the stresses of your day, and enjoy being in your bedroom space. Dimming the lighting and focussing on the beautiful dance of the candle flame will help bring about a restful, relaxing trance. Listening to peaceful music or whale sounds has been proven to help promote a gentle drift to sleep.

Bedding or Mattress Replacement

Maybe it’s time to rejuvenate the place you sleep with a larger investment. If you want to sleep the best you can, it’s probably required. Buying bed linen that’s compatible with the season you’re in will help a sense of freshness pervade your sleeping experience. If your mattress has seen better days, why not choose a better one? Check out mattress-guides: to find the mattress that will best help your sleeping situation.


No matter the weather, if you have adequate blankets on your bed, it’s worth cracking open a window at all times, if just a little. This will help the airflow in your bedroom, and fresh air has been proven to promote feelings of tiredness. This will also stop you waking due to overheating, because no one enjoys waking up with a dry mouth and throat.


If you live in a noisy area, consider purchasing some memory foam ear plugs that form to your ear canal and stay there through the night. This is the best way to cut off any distracting sounds that keep you up, like drunk shouting or early morning construction sounds.

Exercise & Reading

If you live a sedentary lifestyle, exercise can help tire your body out so you’re more inclined to sleep. Reading an hour before bed also helps you wind down from a long day, provided the novel is relaxing and the language is easy to absorb. This will also help you avoid electronics, from which the blue light can affect your melatonin, tricking your brain into thinking the sun hasn’t yet set. This messes with your circadian rhythm, also known as the ‘body clock,’ and can rob you of your precious sleep.

Combine these strategies to help envelop yourself in the peaceful and nourishing rest you deserve.

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