Why You Need To Learn The Meaning Of “Value”

People who don’t understand how the world of business works often think that companies employ people so that they can have something to do. But this isn’t how businesses work. Instead, companies only hire people if those people are able to generate value for the firm. If they don’t, then they won’t bother hiring, and they’ll put their money somewhere else.

What many people also don’t realize is that the amount they get paid is directly related to the amount of value that they generate. The more value, the higher the salary. We can see this in action in the world all around us. A man like Bill Gates provided the world with desktop PC operating systems and in so doing, changed the way we work and play. As a result, he created a lot of value and earned a lot of money. The same goes for actors like Brad Pitt. Pitt brought his acting talent to films like Fight Club and Ocean’s 11 and turned those films into box office successes, raking in millions of dollars.

The question for the average worker, therefore, is how they can make themselves more valuable? Making yourself more valuable to your employer is what will enable you to earn more money in the future.

Ask Yourself Whether You’re Improving

adding value to your life


As this post points out, companies are often interested in where individuals see themselves in several year’s time. This is because they want to know whether a person has high aspirations and wants to improve their value. It’s worth taking stock every twelve months or so to figure out whether you’re getting better at what you do. Is the quality of your work improving? Or are you stuck at a plateau?

Are You Acting On Initiative?

When you’re stuck in a cushy career, there often is little incentive to keep working on yourself to improve your value. Often, the work that you produce is “good enough, ” and so you don’t bother to try to improve further. But acting on your own initiative and adding to your job description is a great way to add value to the company. Your job might be to just administer payroll, but if you develop a new system to administer CRM, then your boss will soon take notice.

Are You Spending Time With The Best?

In every workplace, there are people who perform better than others. This is all part of the natural distribution of individuals. Some people are at the top, others are at the bottom. Although you might not be able to rise to the very top, just being around the best people can often have a knock-on effect on your own performance. You see this sort of thing in the world all the time, especially when it comes to sport. Often the best players in a particular sport all go and train in one location, honing their individual skills against the best. Find people in your office who are great and what they do and shadow them. Find out how they work and look for ways to emulate them and improve on what they do.

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