5 Tips to Achieving a Sparkling Car Interior


There is a reason why car manufacturers are now turning their efforts towards designing cars with great cozy and elegant interiors. It is because what makes good cars are not all about top speed nor awesome exterior features.

Cars also need to be neat and nice from the inside. Keeping your car’s interior clean is one important thing to consider if you want to experience both comfort and safety during each and every ride. Want to impress your date with your ride?

Follow this simple guide to achieve your sparkling clean car interior.

Trash cans

Clean up that nasty trash, water bottles, children’s toys, magazines and old toll tickets and throw them away. Use a plastic bag and pick it all up by hand. Slide down the seats and roll the mats so nothing unnecessary is left behind.

If you have seat covers consider removing them and putting them in the laundry and have it thoroughly cleaned. Also, remove and dust off the floor mats and other materials in your car’s compartments.

Get rid of the dust

Start by vacuuming the dashboard and front seats and then gradually work your way down to the floor. There is a list of the best car vacuums available and consider using different types of nozzles to best reach the tiny corners of your car.

After doing the front area, do the same on the back seat and floor. Since we are aiming for that sparkling clean car, don’t forget to vacuum the ceiling, headliner, car pockets and other upholstered areas. You might also consider cleaning the compartments.

Get rid of the stinky odor

If you have ever wondered why no matter how many times you switch your car air freshener you always end up with a stinky smell, the reason is not what you would expect. Did you know that it is actually your cabin’s air filter that is causing this stinky smell more than any other factor and in order to remedy the problem, you have to replace the filter.

Before removing anything from your car you’ll have to check your owner’s manual first. Try to check if your air filter is removable and if there is a spare available for the same model. After this step, your car will smell better as this makes all the difference.

Put everything back in place

Put back the seat covers in place. Make sure that the mats are thoroughly dry before putting them back on the floor. Return the seats into their normal riding position. Install the air filter replacement and other items that you removed in order for you to vacuum. Lastly, make sure that you have everything tightly fixed and in the same position as they originally were before you removed them.

Sparkling Clean Finish

Finally, use a brush for finishing touches and put an ample amount of surface cleaner and polish on your dashboard, steering wheel and other surfaces. If you are trying to stay within a limited budget and do not have funds to purchase special cleaning solutions, try using typical items you can find at home such as olive oil.

Clean your windshields and mirrors from inside and out. Consider using some light scented air fresheners and you’re finally done. Enjoy your neat and sweet ride!


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