Kids with Confidence: Top Tips for Giving Your Child the Gift of Self-Esteem


Parents want to give their children all of the necessary tools to live a good, healthy and prosperous life. And with all of the different things that you can teach your children — good manners, how to solve problems, how to face adversity — one of the best things you can give them is self esteem.

Kids with high self esteem tend to better in school, have better relationships and have a better general overall sense of well being. But how do you help your kids grow and keep high self esteem? Here are a few tips that parents can use to make sure that their kids have a positive self image.

Help Them Get Creative

Creativity is a great way to build self esteem, especially with encouragement from parents. Your kids want to know that you approve of them — even when you think they don’t — and encouraging them to paint, draw, color or write can build a bond between you and your kids that will help their self esteem.

It really doesn’t matter what they choose to express their creativity, but start at an early age. Coloring books are a great way to start your kids off and with today’s technology, you can even download an app (get it on Google Play) that they can use anywhere, anytime. If they like that, then you can encourage them to draw or paint. Even if they don’t take to it, tell them the importance of self expression.

Play Together

In today’s world, it’s easy to sit your child down in front of the television for a few hours, but the best thing you can do as a parent is to play with your children.

Play helps your kids recognize social relationships and it teaches them about rules and what happens when rules are broken. Even a simple game of tag can teach kids valuable life lessons. The main thing is that you will be teaching them how to interact with others, which is a skill they will need once they start meeting other kids and going to school. If they have the confidence to form bonds with other kids, then you can rest assured that they have pretty good self esteem.

Give Your Kids Responsibilities

Sure, kids are going to balk at the idea of cleaning their room every day, or taking out the garbage. But chores like these are a huge part of having high self esteem.

Responsibilities are good because it shows your kids that you trust them to do a task — even when they seem to hate the task itself. And when you praise them for a doing a good job, they will feel good about themselves and their own sense of accomplishment. This will carry over into their everyday lives, helping their self esteem grow and preparing them for the responsibilities they will have later in life.
Having high self-esteem is important for a healthy life.

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