How to cope with stress


If you suffer from work related stress or any form of stress, then you should be trying to find a solution to the cause of your anxiety. Stress can lead to a number of very serious health conditions including heart attacks and raised blood pressure. If you are finding yourself getting frequently worked up, then this is a good indication that you are suffering from stress. You should always consult your doctor if you are feeling this way.

You can also make a number of changes that will help you to manage stress and hopefully reduce the likelihood of it occurring. Here are a few actions for you to consider:

Take a break – Whether you are feeling stressed in the workplace or elsewhere, take a break from the source of tension. Even taking your lunch break and going for a walk to clear your head can help you to feel better and set you up for the afternoon. If you can take a vacation then this is a good idea if you are feeling yourself getting worse. Your health is much more important than hitting a deadline, so remember that if your body is telling you that you need a break, you definitely need one.

Change of job – If your job is the cause of your stress and it doesn’t seem to subside, then you may need a change of career. You should be able to talk to your boss about how you are feeling and see if they can support you. They may be able to take some pressure off you by delegating work to other people, getting more help on the team, or maybe you could reduce your hours until you’re feeling better. If you don’t ask, then they might not know how you are feeling. If they can’t offer you any support then it could be time to look at alternative career paths. If you are in a highly pressurized job then you need to find something that is easier for you to do every day.

Get healthy – The saying goes that a healthy body creates a healthy mind, so make changes to give yourself a health boost. This could be doing more exercise, or changing your diet. Maybe the stress has led to you increasing your alcohol consumption or drug use. There is always help and support available such as detox Atlanta services.

Exercising more is a great way of helping you to feel better. As well as giving you a physical release, it can give you an escape from your brain, so if you find yourself constantly thinking about work, make sure to take some time out. You can also find that social events will help you to manage your stress. Whilst it can be tempting after a hard day to just sit on the couch and recover from the day, getting out and speaking to friends will help you relax. Go and catch a funny movie with friends and reduce your stress levels.

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