5 Things to Remember Before an Interview


Interviews can be extremely nerve-wracking, especially if the job you’re interviewing for seems perfect. Therefore, it can be exceptionally easy to get caught up in the panic of trying to prepare for your interview such as planning for questions, and sometimes you forget about the other important aspects you should be considering.


  • Getting there – If you don’t know the building or area where your interview is taking place, you should try to do a practice run of getting there. If you are going by car, you need to check that there aren’t roadworks to potentially delay you. Also, consider where you could park and that you have money for any carpark that incurs a charge. There’s nothing worse than being late to an interview.

If you are going by public transport, it is just as important to do a dummy run to check whether you will make it on time. Also factor in potential delays and whether your bus or train is prone to lateness.


  • Outfit – Always try your interview clothes on a few days before your interview, as if you were waking on the morning of your interview. There’s nothing worse than realizing your favorite suit has a mark or a rip in the seam, and if you fail to notice this it could lead to a frantic rush when picking another outfit.

Iron everything in advance to ensure you have nothing to worry about when you get up on the morning of your interview. If you have any lucky charms or jewelry like your class ring from signitas.com, make sure you have them set out ready on your dresser.


  • Hair/appearance – A tidy up in appearance can only work in your favor. Get your haircut, have it styled, or invest in new makeup. If you are constantly worrying about your roots showing, or if you’re a man who hasn’t shaved recently, then you won’t feel confident when walking into that interview room. No matter how superficial it may seem, anything that will make you feel confident when meeting a potential employer can only help you feel positive.


  • Hygiene – Don’t forget to wear something that won’t cause you to sweat profusely. Nerves can affect the best of us, and when nervous and anxious, people can find themselves sweating. Therefore, make sure your clothes allow your skin to breathe. Also, brush your teeth profusely and avoid coffee, cigarettes or anything with an unpleasant smell that could linger in your mouth or on your clothing.

Be confident – Try and be as confident as possible (without coming across as arrogant, of course). Going into the interview with confidence, believing you one of the best candidates will make the interviewer believe you are a strong contender. Have confidence in your abilities, don’t be afraid to tell them how good you are, and make sure your answers come across naturally, not forced. As long as you are confident in a pleasant way, you should come across well to the interviewers.

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