Freshpet Select Slice & Serve Roll Review


Recently, we had the opportunity to try out the product line for Freshpet inspired by nature. These foods are natural, fresh, and refrigerated pet food. All have been cooked, pasteurized, and cooled to reduce bacteria. There are no preservatives, by-products or fillers. The products can be frozen but Freshpet states that they never freeze the product before you buy it at your local pet store.

Since I like to keep our dog’s diet as high quality as possible, Freshpet intrigued me! Freshpet products are made in small batches with human-grade meats and vegetables.  For the most part grain free; not containing wheat, soy or corn, (which are common allergens for dogs), instead including wholesome grains such as brown rice, oats and barley.

IMG_5068 IMG_5069

I liked how these come in rolls that can be cut into pieces, or used as treats.


They appear very similar to home cooked meals and I felt they were reasonably priced for the size of the roll. For someone who doesn’t have the time to cook home-made for their dogs, this would be a wonderful benefit for you and your dog. You can even add it to their dry food to make it last longer. Applying better choices to your dog’s diet can go a long way to  lengthen years for your best friend.

Now, on to the taste test! Our german shepherd, Sadie, will eat pretty much anything, so she dove right into her bowl and was done in about two minutes flat.


Maggie, a Bichon-Poo, is our newest addition to the family. She’s just a puppy, but is a very picky eater and we tried all kinds of wet food brands and she would eat them first time, and then not at all afterwards. Sometimes, she will go on a stubborn  “no-eating”  period, just to wait for human food.


But, when she tried fresh pet, she ate it right away, and then the next time I offered it to her.  and as soon as he smelled it he ate it like it was the most delicious food he has ever eaten. Since then he gets super excited every time it’s meal time.


We’ve been feeding them this for a whole week now, and both dogs seem to be more regular and the puppy goes right up to her bowl when it’s supper time!

I guess the only con to this product may be if you have a large dog, it might get a bit costly, but, just as I invest in better quality human food, spending a little more for the dogs to stay healthy and happy will be well worth it!

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