Here Are Some Side Hustles You Can Start In A Weekend

A study by Bentley University found that more than 66 percent of young people want to start their own businesses, but that only around 3 percent of people in that age group actually owned a business. It’s clear that there is a massive disparity between the number of individuals who want to own their own company and the number of people actually doing it.

What’s causing this divergence between desires and reality is a bit of a mystery. The usual reason is that people don’t have enough money to set up their own side hustle. But that doesn’t explain the dearth of activity by young people. After all, there are lots of things that can be started for free.

The real reasons probably has a lot more to do with expectations. Young people like to imagine themselves cruising around on a yacht on the French Riviera, but it seems so distant from their everyday reality that they just give up. They’re used to receiving a pittance from their employer, working all the hours that God sends, and living in a one-bedroom “studio” where the bed and the cooker inhabit the same room.

Life doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some side hustles you can start in a weekend.

Remote English Teacher



English coaching is in massive demand right now. People living in emerging countries are looking for ways to boost their incomes, and one of the ways to do so is to learn the language of business: english. Setting up is really easy. All you have to do is sign up to a tutoring site or a specialist English language site, and set up your profile. Teaching english online can net you more than $25 an hour, and there’s usually no need for additional qualifications. ESL is generally recommended, but it’s easy to qualify if you’re a native speaker.

Beer Brewer

Craft beer is exploding in popularity right now. There are now more breweries per head than ever before in the history of the country. To get started with brewing you’ll need a starter kit and a bit of time to brew the beer in the barrel.

do side hustles


Once you’ve brewed your beer, take it to craft shows and see whether people like it. If you take on another pair of hands to help you out, make sure you visit sites like for information on employment. Also, if you’re selling beer to the public, you’ll need the proper licensing to do so. has more information.

Instagram Marketer

why you should do side hustles


Are you a bit of an Instagram genius? If the answer is “yessiree” then you’re in luck. It turns out that companies all over the world want people with Instagram expertise. The site is fast becoming the dominant social network, and so the race is on to get as many followers and likes on the platform as possible. If you know what you’re doing on the platform, then you may be able to approach companies and offer your services. Some top Instagram users allow companies to use their photos and images for a fee.

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