It’s Never Too Late To Learn A New Skill

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Feeling unqualified can be demotivating and stop you from pursuing those higher paid and more stimulating jobs. However just because your schooling years are over doesn’t mean it’s too late to learn a new skill.  Here are a few ways to improve your skill set, whatever age you are.

Go back to school

There’s always the opportunity to return to college or university. There are more mature students than ever before and in most cases you may be able to fit a part-time job or family life around these courses. You can take out a student loan to pay for your education, or save up some finances and cut out the loan.

Take an online course

If travelling to a campus doesn’t seem practical, there are options to take a course online. You can enroll in an online MBA program that can help you learn skills essential for accounting and marketing jobs. If you’re not after a degree on your CV, there are many online courses and workshops that can give you other qualifications that may be quicker and easier to complete. Always look at course reviews – if you’re going to invest in education you want it to be taught to a good standard.

Get paid to learn

Some employers may pay you to take time out to do a course if it could help with their business. This could open you up to a better pay bracket, allowing you to create your own role. Useful skills at the moment include coding, analytics and social media marketing. You may be able to take a crash course learning a particular programme or platform such as a WordPress course or a Photoshop workshop. Recommend it to your boss and make sure that it is a skill you are passionate about learning and one that will benefit the company you’re working for.

Self-teach without qualifications

You don’t always need qualifications to get a job – having the skills and being able to show experience might be enough.

There are many guidebooks that can help you learn other languages, learn new business skills and give you new insights. On top of this, there are all kinds of informative blogs, Youtube video tutorials, training software programmes and quick guides such as Wiki-how.

On top of this there are many practical weekly workshops and clubs where you can learn new skills. You may even know a friend or family member who can teach you the ropes for free.

If you have the commitment and self-motivation, you can learn most skills by yourself. You should then test these out to build up a portfolio and give proof of your skills. If you’ve just taught yourself accountancy, volunteer to help a self-employed friend do his tax return for free. If you’ve just learnt how to build a website, find a local business and offer them the chance to build a new website.

You can also start your own blog for recording the skills you’ve learnt, as well as potentially giving advice.

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