Easier Than Doing Your Homework! Jobs You Can Do At Home

working at home doing surveys


Striking the right balance between work and family life can be a big struggle for us all on occasion. For the stay at home parents, you wonder how can so many single mothers and fathers keep sane and on the right side of the breadline. Now, with the amount of people that are opting for self-employment, it seems that having to work and raise a family is a common practice for both parents. For those people that are looking for extra income, the internet has been quite a lifeline for many, giving us the opportunity to work from home around our children’s sleeping patterns and nursery clubs. What options are there for you?

Taking Online Surveys

It is a relatively simple job to do if you have a lot of distractions at home. Taking surveys is one way for marketing companies to get information on consumer habits, and you can take surveys on absolutely anything, from what you buy to movies to food, and in return, they pay for your time. The amount paid per survey may seem like a minuscule amount, but if you take a lot of surveys, it will add up to a proper wage.

Doing Data Entry/Admin

There are lots of companies that now look for people to work from home completing admin or data entry tasks. These tasks can vary, from helping to transcribe voice commands to inputting data. The great thing about doing these sorts of jobs is that they tend to give a contract and will pay you regularly depending on the amount of tasks you have completed. In many ways, it is like a proper office job, except you are doing the work at home.

Joining A Franchise Company

A lot of these companies pop up on occasion, the company Avon is probably the most prominent example of a franchise where you can dictate your own working patterns, and the possibilities for uncapped earning is unlimited in this type of occupation. There are also many other companies that aim themselves towards stay at home parents, like Jerky Direct, where you can tailor your working life around your children and not the other way around for once! More information is at http://www.stay-a-stay-at-home-mom.com/about-jerky-direct.html. This is a choice of career many people are swaying towards now because it provides that necessary balance.


This is another lucrative money spinner. If you are fast at typing, this would be right up your street. Companies pay per minute for accurate transcriptions of recordings. These can be hearings, market research, and meetings. This can be a very interesting job because you get to hear the proceedings of an employment tribunal or a case where a medical professional’s career hangs in the balance. A high degree of accuracy and attention is required because you are transcribing things verbatim with many different people speaking, and the audio can be very difficult to hear unless you have special headphones. But it is a very enjoyable job, and if you enjoy some peace and quiet, it’s the perfect opportunity.

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