Home Is Where The Home Office Is

If you work from home then you’re already quite lucky. Being able to work in a relative place of leisure is a dream for many people around the world, though it does come with some setbacks. First, sometimes it can be hard to concentrate, this is because you usually relax, watch TV and spend time with your family where you are now working. It can be tough because you’re working in a place you also relax and in our brains the two can be hard to separate. There are also many small tasks we need to complete at home that can draw us away from the work we need to complete. Small DIY jobs, washing, cleaning, the list goes on.


An answer to the multitude of ceaseless distractions is setting apart a room in your home for a home office. You can get some great office like furniture at arnoldsofficefurniture.com. Being able to turn a room into an office gives you the added benefit of feeling like you’re in work. You can also shut the door and be away from everything else. Use of a laptop helps, because unlike a desktop you can take it around the house, using it for both work and leisure. Whereas if you had a desktop it limits the location of your office especially if other people use it. In terms of furniture all you need is a desk and a chair and you have your office. You can even fit it into a utility room if you don’t have a spare room for a dedicated study.

A main point in terms of office furniture is a sturdy supportive chair. If you were sitting on a sofa you wouldn’t notice the issue because it provides nothing but comfort, but sitting on a bad office chair for long periods of time can be bad for your back and shoulders so you need to ensure you take the time to find a chair with the right support for your body. Make sure it is adjustable too because it will need to fit behind your desk.

Don’t make the mistake of putting a desk in your bedroom, getting your brain confused between where you work and sleep can lead to insomnia which will affect all aspects of your life. Give your new study an air of professionalism. Some tidy pictures on the wall perhaps as decoration and place the desk opposite from a window. That way you benefit from the light without being drawn to whatever is going on outside, wasting your time.
If you don’t have space for an office in your home and you end up working on the sofa consider some alternatives. If you have a garage or a shed consider waterproofing it and turning it into an actual room where you can study. You’ll be surprised to find out this isn’t as expensive as you think and you can see it as an investment because it will add value to your home as a whole. You will be working from home but not actually from your house, meaning you have the mental benefit of not working where you would usually relax.

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