Cross The Globe And Tread The Boards – Holidays For The Theatre Buff

For someone with a keen interest in culture, there doesn’t need to ever be a boring moment in life. If you love music, then it’s likely one of your favourite acts will be releasing a new album soon, or touring. If it’s films that grab you, then you’ve got a ton of classics to look back on and a lot of new releases to get excited about. If you’re more of a TV nut, you’re in luck. Increasing numbers of critics are in agreement that we’re in a TV golden age right now.

What if it’s theatre you prefer? It’s fair to say that you have chosen a more niche interest than a lot of people, but you’re hardly being pointlessly obscure. There are many new theater shows to watch, and plenty of classics around too. And for anyone who watches much TV and a lot of movies, you’ll know the stage stars of today are often screen stars tomorrow. And if you like to travel, then be reassured – there are plenty of destinations you can go to for a show or two.

Europe: Pick Your Poison In A Cultural Hotbed

It goes without saying that London, with its West End, and Paris are places where the theatre still thrives. But in all honesty, pick any city in Europe, and you’ll find live shows to go to.

Try Belfast, for example. A huge number of Hollywood and TV stars got hail from Northern Ireland, from Jamie Dornan to Liam Neeson. Neeson got his break appearing on stage at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast.



Or you could give Oslo a go. Its newly-built opera house hosts shows from an eclectic range of sources. International shows like Madame Butterfly sit alongside Norwegian originals for the more adventurous.

New York: Home Of The Big Names



If you want to lose yourself in a theatre wonderland, then New York really is impossible to ignore. This is where all of America’s most successful shows end up, and often where they originate. If you want to see something special, the way it was intended to be, then pick up some Broadway tickets and indulge. If your interests are more art-house, then there is always something happening off-Broadway too.

Sydney: The Most Famous Opera House In The World?



Few cities have a more public relationship with their opera house than does Sydney. It is possibly the most iconic human-made structure in all of Australia, and this is a nation that is in love with the performing arts. The Opera House is of course not just home to opera shows, although it has a healthy bill of those. Shakespearean drama, stand-up comedy and more will make you glad you paid a visit here – and the city itself is full of things to do, too.

They say all the world is a stage – and for many actors, they travel the world appearing on literal stages before they find fame. It may be more fun to travel the world watching them – you’ll certainly never run out of destinations.

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