Best US DNS Server to access US sites when traveling

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Smart DNS systems are usually the way to go when it comes to unblocking certain online sites around the globe. The best ones can unlock just about any such site.

DNS is short for domain name system which translates domains into an IP address for Internet usage. They allow computers to connect to a destination web server and access information there in very short amount of time.

Usually, sites are locked but that is where a smart DNS can come in. A smart DNS can unlock these sites and unblock them. While it may sound techno-geeky, smart DNS systems are now used in everyday life.

Because each country handles the Internet different, some regions in the world restrict content. A smart DNS system is primarily used to circumvent such restrictions and allow users to gain regional content of online sites such as Netflix or Amazon.

So it is very useful to know how to understand and us DNS servers especially if you tend travel aboard a lot. Traveling often leads to down time in which access to a movie from Netflix or shows from Hulu can help erase the impending boredom of a long plane ride or waiting in line at the airport.

If you want to use a U.S. DNS server, then it is best to figure out which ones are best at unlocking restricted sites because many countries tend to place restricts on U.S.-based content.

The following is a list of the best DNS servers that can access American sites, especially when you are going overseas.

1) Getflix DNS Server

This system has a global network in place to help to get U.S.-based content. The systems are located all over Europe and Australia and also in certain countries such as Japan, India, Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil, and South Africa. There is also one located in Hong Kong.

Because of the various locations, Getflix is supposedly easy to use. All you do is sign up and then update your DNS settings. Getflix even has two different options in how it is used. You can update the settings on your modem or router or do so per individual mobile device.

2) Google Public DNS

The largest public DNS server there is, you can change your IP address manually to receive it. It has better security and tends to optimize speed of downloads. Cache poisoning doesn’t seem to happen when using this system.

3) Open DNS

This system allows for greater security and has two variations, one for business use and one for personal use. Parental controls and phishing protection are just some of positives you get from it.

4) Smart DNS Proxy

Located on a more global scale, this system is known for its compatibility and ease of use for all devices ranging from Laptop to an IPad. Its longer subscription rates are slightly cheaper than its competitors as well.  

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