Powder Dreams & Perfect Sunsets: How To Keep Working While You Travel

Have you ever thought about saying goodbye to the regular life for a while? If so, why not plan a sabbatical this year? Our lives would be dull if we never took a leap! Are you looking to do something extraordinary and earn some money along the way? Here are some cool suggestions of places to go and work experiences to take, which are infinitely better than a 9-5!


A balmy archipelago of islands in the North Central Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is dreamy, divine and ultra-laidback. It’s a super place to go travelling, as it’s safe, welcoming and brimming with the sunshine. Ever fancied making the breezy, refreshing coastline your office for a while? If you have surfing experience, you’ll be in your element here. You could hit the big waves and find a surf instructor job for a few months to fund your travels. You’ll need a National Surf Schools and Instructors Association or Academy of Surfing Instructor Certification to become an instructor. So if you are keen, make sure to get one before you go. Or perhaps you want to train in Stand Up Paddle surfing. If so, there are SUP courses on Hawaii that enable you to learn on the job.  If you’re not an experienced surfer, you could try for a job in hospitality at one of the luxury hotel resorts. Who wouldn’t want to work on a beautiful beach every day? And in your downtime? You’ll get to swim in cerulean seas, learn Yoga on a paddleboard, climb craters and go hiking. Sip juicy cocktails as you watch the sun go down over the ocean, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t come here sooner. Here’s a post I wrote on ways to fund your vacation before you leave, if you want to get some money under your belt before you take off too.
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Whistler, Canada

If you’re looking for an epic ski resort, it’s pretty hard to top Whistler. Are you longing for an extreme sports mecca with an amazing village feel? Whistler is super friendly, hospitable and of course, it’s got snow coming out of its ears. If you want to train and work while you travel, sign up for one of the Whistler Ski Instructor Courses. Add a new string to your bow by earning your ski instructor qualification in one of the best powder places on earth. After a hard day’s training, kick back with après ski in one of the awesome bars or clubs Whistler has to offer. And once you’ve got your qualification, the world is your oyster. You’ll be able to find a job right here or travel further afield to Austria, Switzerland or even New Zealand. If you’re looking for high adrenalin adventure, Whistler is the place to be. You’ll spend your days skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice-skating and sled riding. Whistler is invigorating, eye opening and wholesome, with a few grizzly bears thrown in for good measure, just to keep you on your feet!

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Here’s one to throw you a curve ball. Have you ever thought about adding Iceland to your travel list? If you’re going to take a sabbatical, why not add something extraordinary to your itinerary. Iceland is an astonishing Nordic island country of contrasts. The scenery is outstanding. Winters are dark and bewitching, and summers are incredibly bright. The sun does not set until after midnight. Here, you’ll find yourself in a magical location close to the Arctic Circle, in the North Atlantic ocean. To fund your travels around Iceland, you can work on a farm, milk the cows, work as an au pair or even in a fish processing plant. There are lots of seasonal work placements available to give you a little extra cash. Here’s a fantastic blog post from an American girl living in Iceland, and the story of how she found her job. And when you’re not working? The list of incredible things to see in Iceland is long! You can search for the Aurora Borealis or go humpback whale watching. You could take a dip in the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa or take an exhilarating Skidoo trip across the Langjokull glacier.

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The only question remaining is; where will you choose to start your epic adventure?

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