Inspired Travel Ideas You Should Do At Least Once

Travelling is a lot of fun. It can help mould you into the person you become. Help you be more aware of life and what you want from it. Plus you get to make some awesome memories doing it. But travelling is so much more than heading to the beach for your annual vacation. There should be excitement and the element of adventure thrown in. It should be different and memorable. Which is why I thought it would be great to share with you some inspired travel ideas that you should attempt to do at least once in your life. Be spontaneous.

ideas to do at least once



A romantic getaway full of love and roses

Romantic getaways are few and far between I think. Sure you may get whisked away somewhere exotic to celebrate an anniversary. But without sounding ungrateful is it really full of romance? Have you ever had one of those getaways that were all love and roses? If not I suggest this is something you do at some point in your life with that special someone. Have an all out romantic escape. Full of candles and champagne, hot tubs and flowers. Exquisite food and good company. Whether you travel to the cities of love like Paris or Rome, or head somewhere exotic like Bali or Bora Bora. Have that little bit of indulgence for you and your partner. For a bit of inspiration head to websites like

Leave your life behind and go on an adventure

Who doesn’t get frustrated with their lives every once and awhile? It can be very mundane and samey. So wouldn’t it be amazing to just sell up your house and home, pack your stuff and head out on the road trip of dreams? That’s exactly what some people have done; you can track their progress on blogs like Whether you choose to go all out as they did, or just do a short term thing like a month or six. Why not have that sense of adventure and see the world through a different perspective.

inspired travel ideas


Head to the airport and get on the next flight

Are you spontaneous? Would you head to the airport and get on the next flight? This is something that you will find on many people’s bucket list. The chance to do something a little crazy. Think about the adventure you could have. You may end up visiting somewhere you would never have even thought about. It’s an exciting adventure to embark on.

PIck a destination at random

Finally, not quite as quick as going to the airport and jumping on a plane, but picking a destination at random could equally be as spontaneous. Why not spin a globe and stop in on a destination. You could try an online generator. Or maybe put a few places into a hat and pick one at random. Again it inspires you to make your travelling a little different, and it could encourage you to see places you won’t have considered before.

I hope these travel ideas inspire you to be a little different the next time you are considering your vacation.

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