How to Get Back on the Job Market in Your 50s

working over 50

Losing your job is never going to be pleasant, especially if you’re 50+ as you may feel like no one is going to want to hire you when there are young college graduates and aspirational, cut-throat 30 year olds on the market. You would be wrong. Whether you’ve been the victim of ageism or caught up in the recent collapse of Tata steel, you will be able to find a job like any one of the young ones out there today (and you may even find it easier…) Let me explain.

You’re Skilled
If you are over 50, then chances are you’ve been working for around 30 years and will have accrued a lot of experience over the years. Let’s take the Tata Steel example I used in the introduction: you’ve been working in a steel factory for a long time, but you have to leave (because China decided to rule the world) and you need to find more work. This is where many people might settle for working at B&Q, but why not look for more work in the industry seeing as you’re experienced and would be a massive boon to whoever hired you. There are still companies in the industry like that are thriving and would love to hire someone with the knowledge you have gained over the years. Now, that example is for the steel industry, but it applies to teaching, engineering, web design etc.

Work for Yourself
Chances are you and your partner will have quite a bit of money saved up, which would mean it’s the ideal time to start your own business. Use your savings to finally do something you’ve always wanted to do. Start a bookshop, buy a B&B in the Cotswolds, move to Cornwall and get a little knick-knack business. Now is the time to do the things you’ve always dreamt about but never had the guts (or the dough) to accomplish.

This one actually takes a bit of legwork your whole like, but it’s never too late. ‘Be a nice person’ sounds like stupid advice for getting a job, but think about it, if people like you and enjoy your company they are more likely to help you when you need it. If you’ve networked and cultivated friends then you will have people who will be willing to get you work or help you financially until you’re back on your feet.

Bonus: Take criticism from people well. That’s just a life lesson in general, really. Take things on board and smile even if you’re suppressing a desire to punch them in the teeth.

This one is of vital importance. One of the worst mistakes someone can make is thinking that they are intelligent and/or have nothing else to learn. You always have something else to learn so get out there and learn it. Read a book, take classes, go to seminars, do webinars, talk to experts etc. Learn more and you’ll be well on your way to securing a dream job in your 50s.

PS. Don’t put your age on your CV – helpful hint!

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