Tips for Caring for Your New Outdoor Furniture

Have you recently bought some new outdoor furniture? Follow these tips to keep it looking that new for years to come.


While winter is still in full force, and you may not be thinking about entertaining outdoors yet, you may want to consider looking at deals for new outdoor furniture now. You’ll be all set whether you’re planning to host an outdoor spring tea, a summer barbeque or just enjoy a few cocktails with your neighbours in a few months. Until then, remember to store it properly, and to use these tips to care for it so it stays looking new.


Tips for Keeping Outdoor Furniture Fresh and New


Have you recently bought some outdoor furniture? You’ll find an extensive amount of stunning wooden, aluminium, and wicker furniture, perfect for relaxing outdoors once the weather warms up. Use your decorating skills to find the perfect set-up and then remember to care for the pieces regularly.


  • First, you need to purchase the right kind of outdoor furniture so that it totally transforms your outdoor living area. Check their post on why owning new outdoor furniture is better than peanut butter pancakes. While that brunch item is delicious, it can’t transform your living space or improve the value of your house. However, you could serve some on your brand new outdoor table.


  • Store your new outdoor furniture away for the winter so it looks brand new when you take it out in the spring. If possible, store it in a shed or garage away from the frigid temperatures and precipitation like snow or sleet. If that is not possible, at least cover each piece with patio furniture covers, which will still limit exposure to the elements.


  • Consider buying teak wooden outdoor furniture in Brisbane or in your local area because not only is it high-quality wooden furniture, it can withstand the weather elements better than most materials. If you buy a teak table and chair set, it’s generally easy to care for them. Wash it with a gentle cleanser and water. You can even use the hose. Use sandpaper and specialised cleaner to rub any stains away. Do this every few months. The colour weathers over time to a silvery grey tone, but if you prefer the original golden shade, you just need to add a teak brightener after cleaning it.


  • Keep wicker furniture away from your BBQ grill or fire pit as that may lessen the life of the pieces. You can extend your wicker furniture’s life by cleaning it regularly, using only mild soap and warm water. At the beginning of spring or summer season, consider deep cleaning it as well by using the dust-brush attachment on your vacuum to remove excess debris and dirt. As harsh elements do destroy wicker, be sure to cover it when you are not using it.


  • Clean aluminium outdoor furniture with a mild cleaner as harsh cleansers may lead to corrosion. If you notice any scratches, you should use the manufacture touch-up paint as soon as possible. In addition, I’d recommend adding a coat of automobile wax at least once a year to keep your aluminium furniture looking shiny.


While you technically can store several of these types of furniture outdoors all year long, would you really want to? After all, even though you’re buying it early, you still want to store it properly so it looks new and shiny in a few months.

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