Tuesday Things

Once a month, we go to our favorite restaurant to eat as a special treat. It’s a bit more costly then our other places we go, but it’s well worth it. The hubby gets steak and lobster, and I tone it down a bit and either get BBQ ribs, or salmon and crab cakes.

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to go and the hubby found this “flight of beer” samples on the menu, so he quickly ordered it. It’s actually very cool, because it has four 5oz beers from different parts of the state. I didn’t have any interest in tasting the beer, but I sure wanted to slip those cute little glasses in my purse.

 Mo'Brady Beer Flight

1.  I’m a “home remedy” junkie you could say. I love to make my own cleaners, use herbs to help cure things, etc. In fact, here are some articles I’ve written about it, here, and here.

I’m all about being au natural…

2. I tried avocado as a plain dip last week. I have to say, I like it better served this way and this too.

Otherwise, it pretty much tastes like puke-according to my nine year old.

 3.  I’m not sure if I’m considered too old to shop at American Eagle, but I do. I like the “preppy/beachy” wear. I picked up this and this last weekend.

I sooo can pull it off…

4. As if I have any free time left, I added some more awesome blogs to my reading list, here and here.

No wonder I have dark circles under my eyes…

5.  My son has been bitten by the photography bug. He’s pretty good at too (maybe he takes after me-hee). I wish him well in his journey in the photography world, and hope he finds his way in the photography world and is successful if he pursues it professionally like I did.  My only wish is for him to think twice before becoming a wedding photographer.

Because those bridezillas will eat you alive…